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1:Martial Arts 1: Uniforms


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  • 1:Martial Arts 1: Uniforms

    1: Do you have to train any martial art or any other self defence on a regular basis? Or is it at your own will?

    2: Saw on tv the other day a state trooper from New Hampshire. Whats up with his uniform. HAd a leash over his shoulder. Looked like a...well u know... The uniform was plain ugly. Some departments has ties and such things. That must be akward to work in a tie as a policeman. There was one department down in Florida (dunno where), they had (i think) black BDU:s trousers and a darkgreen shirt saying "SHerrif". That must be more friendly to work in. WHo decides what the uniform looks like? HAs the officers anything to say about it?

    Just courious...

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    I'm not sure 'who' decides on uniforms, but our policy manual dictates what we can wear on duty.

    I absolutely HATED the uniform I had to wear with my first department(SO). I started in FL, wearing a gray shirt w/green pocket flaps and shoulder tabs, along with dark green gaberdeen(sp?) pants. And THEN there was that HAT! Arrrg!

    My current department(TN) issues a dark navy blue uniform. BUT...we can wear dark blue BDUs or similar Royal Robbins pants when 'we' choose.

    BTW....that 'leash' is to help support the weight of the duty belt.


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      the ties are clip-ons.


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        That "leash" as you called it is affectionately known as a "suicide strap" to those who had to wear one against their will. Although meant to support the weight of a firearm and duty belt, in a scuffle it is too easily grabbed by an adversary, resulting in you getting thrown around rather violently. Nowdays, those have either been discontinued, or are equipped with retaining clips that will break away if roughly handled. Many departments only use them for dress uniforms.


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          Some uni mandates are handed down by the state. For example: our S.O. has a section in the ORC detailing exactly how their uni's and cars have to be marked.


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            Hey! no Knockin' my troopers!

            The cruisers and hat's kick *****!



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              While most agencies may have several uniforms to wear, the agency admin determines when each is to be worn. For instance, our cotton utilities can be worn during some special events and anytime we have an outside detail that exposes us to nasty conditions such as weather or dust.

              Public perception and opinion has a large part to play in what types of uniforms are authorized. We tossed about the notion of going to pseudo BDU type uniform with bloused boots, the public image of a militarized LE agency came up. Gimme a friggin' break. The people out there who need us couldn't care less if we answered their call wearing Bermuda shorts, flip flops and an "I'm With Stupid" T-Shirt. It's that 1% that want to dictate to LE what we can, can't, should and shouldn't do that the agency heads were worried about.


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                To answer your questions, it all depends on state law mandates and department policies. I can only speak for my department in California.

                We have to train in the use of the nightstick (baton) for eight hours a year. Carotid Restraint for the same amount of time. We do not get "martial arts" training although a lot of the defensive tactics are based loosely on the martial art.

                As for uniforms, that also varies depending on each department. Some departments have really ugly looking uniforms. Some are nice, some are plain.

                We wear the basic tan shirt and green trousers with black footwear.


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                  Hey.. this is about uniforms so I thought I will chip in my info too.

                  We might be the only police force in the world to wear Khakhi coloured uniforms. We wear Khaki shirts (they call it the bush shirt), and trousers. The boots and waist belts worn by officers are black for constables, and brown from Asst. SI upwards.

                  We use the "suicide strap " or -"cross-belt" as we call it - only for our ceremonial parades. We also have something called "tunic dress", which consists of a white shirt, with a tight khaki blazer like stuff. Rank Insignias are always in silver colour.

                  Cap is a normal peak cap, blue for constables, khaki for Asst. SIs and above.

                  BTW, I heard that Canada's state symbol is an RCMP policeman? Any confirmations to this?


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                    Originally posted by sub-inspector:
                    We might be the only police force in the world to wear Khakhi coloured uniforms.
                    Lots of agencies in the USA (mainly Sheriff's Departments) wear either Khakhi or light tan uniforms.


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                      Thanks for the new info.


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                        Originally posted by sub-inspector:
                        BTW, I heard that Canada's state symbol is an RCMP policeman? Any confirmations to this?
                        Pretty much, and no, they aren't desperate enough to ask me to pose for the pictures!

                        Rosa, if you have seen TV news shows or magazines or newspapers showing a picture of VIPs guarded by someone wearing a wide-brimmed brown felt hat, red tunic, brown leather cross strap and gun belt, dark blue riding pants with yellow cavalry stripes and tall brown leather boots, that is an RCMP member wearing our Review Order ceremonial uniform.

                        For day-to-day uniform, we wear a dark blue military style cap, grey shirt, straight-legged blue pants with yellow stripe, black ankle boots, a black leather gun belt, and a blue jacket. Our regulations specify the type of kit and clothing, and combinations of such items, that we must wear for the different types of duties.

                        As far as martial arts training, our Cadet Training program includes some karate and judo skills - we do not train enough in these skills to qualify for any particular belts; this training, along with what we call "dirty street fighting" merely gets you accustomed to getting struck and dealing with it.


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                          We get very basic PPCT and defensive tactics instruction that is basically handcuffing drills over and over again in different positions. Also some basic control techniques.

                          Our uniforms are navy trousers, black basketweave belt/gear and black shoes. We have light sky blue military cut shirts with either a black clip on tie or a black turtleneck with the dept initials on it, CRPD. Outerwear is optional and as long as it fits within the same color scheme and is workable, is ok. K9 has black BDU's, detectives have polo shirts that say detective on the hem of the sleeves and have the dept name and a star on the chest. Chief and deputy chiefs have similar polos, but also have uniforms for formal occasions. Sgts & commanders are white shirts.


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