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Do any of you still carry a revolver?


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  • Do any of you still carry a revolver?

    Same as the title: How many of you still carry a revolver as a duty weapon? If so, why?

    I know a few "seasoned veterans" who still pack the wheelgun, and I'd bet my last dime they could shoot the fleas off a dog's back with it!

    I've been out of the LE picture for a few years, but my last service weapon was a revolver(still have it). A Taurus P66(copy of a Smith Mod. 66). Reason being; I had to buy my own gun, and it was all I could aford at the time.

    Not like I am an old hardliner. I have also had a 9mm autoloader in the past, and I was just as proficient and deadly with that, also.

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    I haven't carried a wheel gun in over 10 years.

    My department started furnishing our weapons a couple of years ago. When they did that, the last of the wheel guns in our department were gone. All the department bought was Sig semi-automatics


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      When I first got into this business (1981), I carried an S&W model 19 2 3/4" and was pretty good with it. After that, I carried an S&W model 28 4" (I still have a 6" that I used in competition). I went through an Instructor's School in 1986 with the '28 4" and 6".

      Due to problems associated with my employer at the time (in 1986), I wound up repeating the Instructor's school in 2000. We had to qualify with both an auto and a revolver.

      For some reason, probably the number of rounds fired, I almost ALWAYS shoot a revolver more consistently than an auto.

      Currently, I carry an issued Sig P226DAO, but I have absolutely NOTHING against a revolver.

      I still love the old Model 28 S&W that was purchased by my father in 1963 (for $69).

      Shoots accurately and hasn't failed me yet.

      Lots of trophies with that weapon.......

      (in a galaxy far, far away.......)


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        I still carry a Taurus five-shot .38 for backup and off-duty, mainly because I don't want to spend the money on a Glock 27.


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          I have in the past, still carry one as a b/u and off duty and wouldn't hesitate to carry a wheelgun again.


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            I am perfectly comfortable AND competent with a GOOD revolver. Something along the lines of an S&W M19 or a nice Colt 'Offical Police' would do nicely....


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              About 15 years ago my department transitioned from .38 revolvers to 9mm Glocks. The change was optional for veterans. At that time I was a detective and carried a S&W Model 60. It was easy to conceal and I could shoot it well.

              If I had opted to qualify with the Glock, I would no longer be allowed to carry a revolver. That was, and still is, the policy. I stayed with the Smith because I liked it and the issued Glock was just too big to carry while in plainclothes.

              When I later returned to patrol I carried my issued 4" .38 S&W. My gear was already set up for that weapon. I've since exchanged it for a Model 65. I carry that gun everyday and I'm very comfortable with it.

              I like the Glock but I prefer my revolver. Partly out of stubborness, I guess. If I were allowed to switch back and forth, I'd actually like to have the choice of carrying whatever I determined best for a given assignment.

              Off-duty, I can carry what I want. I switch between a Sig 226 and my old Chief's Special.

              An added benefit to the revolver is that the yearly qualifying classes are small with no rookies in attendance to gum up the works. One year I was the only one that showed up.

              With about 4 years to go before I'm once again a civilian, I imagine I'll just stay the course.


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                The Victoria Police Force is the only police dept in Australia that use the S&W Model 10, 6 shot revolver as standard issue. All other states are now using or changing over to the glocks or other semi auto.
                There was a shooting incident in Sydney back in 97 or 98 that later saw the New South Wales Supreme court rule that a 6 shot revolver is totally inadequate for modern day police work.

                As to why the Victoria police wont change to a semi auto, is:
                1. The Money factor. Don't have any.
                2. Public may think we are to gun ho.
                3. We have the highest police shooting rates in Australia - why do we need a new semi auto.
                4. If you cant hit someone with 6 bullets, what makes you think 17 will do the job.


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                  JKT, one of the first duty revolvers I owned was a Mod. 28, with a 4" bbl. Big, heavy S.O.B., but you couldn't beat the accuracy! I sold it to a friend who wanted to add it to his collection, and used the money to fund that Mod. 66 I had for many years; I wanted a stainless steel gun for duty use.


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                    Originally posted by DMS 525:
                    JKT, one of the first duty revolvers I owned was a Mod. 28, with a 4" bbl. Big, heavy S.O.B., but you couldn't beat the accuracy! I sold it to a friend who wanted to add it to his collection, and used the money to fund that Mod. 66 I had for many years; I wanted a stainless steel gun for duty use.
                    Yeah, I really love the N frame Smiths. The (early) L frames are pretty good, too. I was issued a mod 66 at one department I worked for. The lighter weight made it easier to carry on those long walking beats.

                    The Model 28 I still have is one of the smoothest, most accurate revolvers I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.


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                      I must be masochistic, but here goes - yes, I DO have to carry a S&W 5946 9mm. Force policy and Federal law - I can only carry what I am issued, I am NOT to carry a backup, I am NOT allowed, required, nor do I desire to, pack 24/7.

                      I feel much more at ease with this weapon over the S&W Model 10 (please, stop with the tears of derision, the guffaws are bad enough!).

                      Oh, yes, thanks for opening that old wound, but you're right, when we transitioned, the Force would NOT allow me to keep the old hunk of steel, even if I was willing to PAY (I know, not typical of my tight-waddedness, but I DID carry the thing for 20 years, so allow me SOME sentimentality!) to have it made unfireable.


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                        That's all they had when I started in 1968. I wouldn't think of doing it today. They issued there own bullets but I used my own. I always figured it this way they can have there job and I could walk away alive or use what they gave me and push up roses. They are a lot of police departments and I don't think you would be black balled for shooting someone with the wrong bullet to save your life. I like the old spinner snub nose for a backup however.


                        • #13
                          IMHO the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye handguns ever made are the 4" Smiths with the half-lug, like the M19/66 and M629. Put a nice set of grips on it and ..... [drifts off dreaming about getting abother]. That said, I carry a Glock at work.


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