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  • Warrants

    The arrest on traffic thread got me thinking about this...

    how many of you NEED to arrest for EVERY warrant you come across on patrol?
    Yes, every warrant
    No, it's completely up to me
    I have to arrest on certain ones
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    Only on certain warrants here.....on misd warrants, it is a complete and utter waste of time unless they are over a certain amount (which has a comma, and at least 4 zeros in it), as they will be immediately cited right back out into the can cite them out in the field and give them yet another warrant application.
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      Felony warrants, we have to take in, 75% of misdemeanors are up to us.
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        OK,JT.Not surprised you posted the poll. Glad you did, and I believe it's pretty indicative of what we've been saying.


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          I have a pro-arrest Sheriff. They all go.


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            In Iowa the warrants state clearly

            SHALL ARREST.
            Does that get fudged once in a while -----yes

            However many misdemeanor warrants are entered they will only pick up x miles away or ajoining counties............
            if you are outside those boundries, you won't get arrested.
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              Missouri has a law requiring to arrest on warrants.

              I'm not sure if Kansas has a law or not. But everyone plays a lot nicer than missouri when it comes to picking up their trash.

              Kansas on misdemeanor warrants, if you want your guy we are going to be roadside, so you better be quick. We might be nice to agencies further away and transport to our station for pickup, but I'm not holding them all day for you. Typically I give an agency 30 minutes before I start getting on phone and hollering at their dispatch. Maybe a bit longer if it is a big dollar warrant and we have a good working relationship. Also, I'm not delievering your warrants to the county jail 30 minutes away. Luckily, we have a local computer system, so on traffic stuff we only see local warrants.

              Felonies we usually just straight drop them to the county.

              In Missouri it is a bit more of a pain in the ***. There are two big agencies in the area that want their warrants but will almost absolutely refuse to dispatch a district car and forget any notion of roadside pickup. So you are left at the mercy of their wagon. I have been in yelling matches with Sergeants of certain agencies when it's going on hour two of me holding a prisoner on their BS traffic warrant and they haven't even dispatched a wagon yet. Of course both agencies will always offer you the option and hand delievering to their station... nice of em'
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                In Mass it is a shall arrest for warrants but that being said I can't think of anyone whose gotten jammed up for giving someone a pass and strongly encouraging them to turn themselves in


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                  Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
                  In Iowa the warrants state clearly

                  SHALL ARREST.
                  Does that get fudged once in a while -----yes

                  However many misdemeanor warrants are entered they will only pick up x miles away or ajoining counties............
                  if you are outside those boundries, you won't get arrested.
                  I recall as well in AK and WY as well as other states, the warrant specifically stated "shall" arrest , take the body of XXXXX in front of the judge........
                  So it is a court order that appears to have a statement of clear intent.

                  Realistically, as in the pac NW I am aware of so many warrants, so little space to house the defendants. It would be unrealistic to think every warrant would be picked up. However, again as each geographical region has different dynamics, I can see a policy of each warrant goes to jail policy.

                  I recall arresting on a Failure to Appear Warrant for orig charge of no rear view mirrors, the fail to appear got my attention then the history was very long.


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                    NY has SHALL ARREST on the warrant. Doesn't give me any choice.


                    • #11
                      I'm supposed to arrest for every warrant come across but my supervisors realize that peoples lives will interfere with that plan more often than not. For misdemeanors, we're given some lee-way, providing we consult with a supervisor or have a really good reason not to arrest f we don't consult a boss. Felony warrants go straight to jail and don't get $200.


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                        Small City, not a holding facility. 99% of time arrest on in house and in county warrants. 100% Anything Class B misdemeanor and above. 10% of time I will arrest on out of county warrants if the dirt bag really twists me off. Ive made some road trips to deliver to a few agencys. Of course no one ever tips the pizza guy.
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                          If they are from my agency, they normally go. Any Class B and higher, they go. Other agency's class C's, it depends. Discretion is a good thing to have
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                            I hook all felony warrants....if I DONT hook for misd warrants, then there better be a good reason...IE: single mom with her 3 kids in her POS car on her way to job #2, you give me some sort of good Intel, it's 10 minutes to quittin time, etc, etc
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                              A number of years ago here in Suffolk County, the PD was not arresting for warrants on traffic violations. Chief Judge of the county let them know that they had no discretion. Once a warrant is issued arrest had to be made.


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