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Requirements on eyesight


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  • Requirements on eyesight

    Hello hello, just found out there was a forum here...

    I have binocular vision impairment, which means I do not have binocular vision, which means I do not have any depth perception. This is not in reference to 20/20 eyesight; this is very different and as far as I know now, cannot be corrected. My question is, do you need binocular vision in order to become a police officer and frankly, why? I have my MA DL and a firearms permit. Spotless driving record and passed a departmental driving test. I honestly do not see why would be a necessity. Any help you can give will be appriciated GREATLY!!

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    I am not sure about the requirements... but as an officer, you'll have to estimate speed and distances... if you do not have depth perception, that might call attention to your testimony in court...

    but like I said... I am not sure....


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      Welcome to the forum NUPD Cdt. This is a question that individual departments will have to answer for you. I have a slight problem with depth perception myself, but it is not real bad. It never gave me a problem on the job.

      Good LUCK!


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        Most of the departments I've spoken with just give a regular (Snellen) vision test as part of the medical exam. The Border Patrol is the only agency that I've noticed that has a requirement for binocular vision. Don is right about asking the departments you wish to apply to though.


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          NUPD Cdt,

          I have the same binocular fusion impairment that you do and I have not had any trouble with it in everyday life.

          My guess is that you failed the Titmus Stereoscopic Exam (the 3-d) test, Right? I have had this problem for 26+ years and there is no way to correct it at such a late age because your brain has learned to compensate for the disability. It would only cosmetically correct the problem BUT it wouldn't help you get both eyes working in conjunction. That has to be accomplished at a young age (usually before the age of five or six). After that, it is irreversible.

          Here in Southern Ca. (San Diego County) they are really strict on the binocular fusion impairment. Needless to say it has been difficult for me and I have been eliminated out of a hiring process because of it.

          I would keep trying as departments are different in each state as well as counties(or parishes, for the Louisiana Folks).

          Good Luck


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            Well, did some preliminary research and found this...


            ...A Category A Medical Condition is a medical condition that would preclude an individual from performing the essential job functions of a municipal police officer, or present a significant risk to the safety and health of that individual or others...

            Eyes And Vision

            1. Category A medical conditions shall include...

            e. Abnormal depth perception (less than 80% on the Shepard-Fly test),

            This is for all municipal police officers in the state of MA. Unfortunately for me, I have way less that 80%.... I have 0% So, once I get the rest of the facts on my eyes I am going to go department hopping in my area and see what they say. If anyone knows anything in your area, it will be appriciated immensely!!!


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              NUPD Cdt,

              Yeah, that fly is a real pain isn't it!

              Check this site out:

              It will give you all the information you ever want to know about your disability.

              It also talks about a procedure called vision therapy. THIS is a process that MAY or MAY NOT be of interest to you. It is a type of rehabilitive therapy similar to what they use for stroke victims and victims who have had severe blows to the head. I hear it MAY be successful depending on the candidate. It might be something for you to try, I will be doing so in another month.

              The younger you are the better chances for success....

              Try to eliminate all hope before giving up! Just don't let them talk you into surgery, it will NOT correct this problem.

              Hope this helps, FWI I got a zero% as well!

              Good Luck!



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                Heh, got the page book marked already

                I send people there when they have no idea what I am talking about

                [ 07-11-2002: Message edited by: NUPD Cdt. ]


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