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Pulling over from carpool lane.


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  • Pulling over from carpool lane.


    I an new here, but I had a question that I have always wondered about. I have been pulled over before, but never from the carpool lane. What would be the proper procedure for pulling over to the side of the road if you are driving in the carpool lane.

    Would it be best to pull over right away and cross over the double yellow, or would it better to somehow signal you see the officer and wait until the next carpool lane exit?

    I have tought of this because the carpool lanes in California can somtimes go for several miles between exits and thought it would seem suspicious if you drove for this length of time before pulling over.

    Any info you be appreciated.


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    CVC 21655.8, which governs where you can enter and exit these preferential lanes, was recently amended to address your question. Subsection (b) says:

    "Upon the approach of an authorized emergency vehicle displaying a red light or siren, as specified in Section 21806, a person driving a vehicle in an exclusive or preferential use lane shall exit that lane immediately upon determining that the exit can be accomplished with reasonable safety."

    In plain English, if you see an authorized emergency vehicle coming up behind you Code 3 (forward red light on, maybe a siren as well), even though you're in a part of the HOV lane with the double yellow/single white line combo, you still must pull to the right when safe to do so.

    Obviously if you're on one of those HOV lanes where, due to barriers or structures, it's impossible to exit the HOV lane (certain parts of I-5 through Orange County are this way), then pull as far to the right as you possibly can.

    The section had to be amended because of the conflict with CVC sections 21655.8 (a) (which says you can ONLY enter and exit at specific points) and 21806 (which requires you to pull to the RIGHT when approaching, or are being followed by, a Code 3 vehicle). CVC 21806 was also amended with subsection (a)(2) which contains similar wording.


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