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    Hello All,

    Here is my problem. I am currently 21 years old living in Northern NJ. I am half way to my assoicates degree in CJ. I recently went up to a town in Cape Cod, MA to take an entry level police exam. I am still waiting to hear from them but realisticly, I wont. I really want to become a NYSP officer. That is what I have always wanted. I am trying to get into any department that I can right now knowing the way things are getting into any department (local and state). I feel like I am going no where. I know that the next test, if there is one, for NYSP is in 2011, which I intend to take. But in the meantime, what can I do? Should I just sit around, working out, getting back into shape and wait it out taking as many tests to anywhere that I can? I feel like I am just wasting time. I am going in the next few days to the local barracks for NJSP to get finger printed for the local vol. EMS squad, so thatll give me something to do and at the same time be something that will give me some sort of an edge.

    Any advice from those who have made this track or on their way? Thank you all!

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    Depending on what area of the country you're in, LE hiring can be pretty "iffy". You know your area better than I do, but in addition to the applications you have out there, look into the possibilities of joining an Agency as an Auxiliary or Reserve Officer. How about some seasonal LE jobs? Volunteering for your local EMS Squad is a good move, but continue to look into other possibilities as well.


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      Agree, some areas/states are pretty tight right now. Be open to other departments, areas, or even states. You can always go back if you get hired with NYSP. I would suggest going for another agency and keep your eyes open for the next NYSP opening. Who knows, you may get somewhere else and love it. But, experience can also help you get into your dream department.
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        If you're continuing with your education, you are not wasting your time. As others have mentioned, consider other depts. with the possibility of applying to NYSP in the future. I've worked w/ alot of people from New York that did this. Just don't give up.
        You're 21 so you have lots of time.
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