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question on becoming a police officer


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  • question on becoming a police officer

    I am interested in becoming a police officer. Unfortunately, I have done
    marijuana three times when I was young. The reason why I did was for experimentation purposes only .(about17 yrs. old) Other than that I have not been in any other trouble and I have no arrest record or traffic
    tickets. Will I still be able to find agencies that will hire me because of
    Thank you
    for you help

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    How old are you know? If your 19, you can probably forget it till your older. Many agencies realize that people "experimented."
    BUT If you experimented in the last few years you should wait for a better time. Of course it would look better on the application if you hadn't used it, but you already made that choice. You gotta love being young.


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      The thing you have going for you is that many departments are short and are lacking applicants to take the initial civil service test. Our department had 80 people take the last test compared to 1200 when I hired on. Atlanta PD is somewhere around 400 below FEDERAL standards for safety. You are more likely to get in now than 5 years ago. You are also more likely to get into a larger city department than a smaller county or city department from what I have seen.

      Kinda funny how things can come around to bite you in the rear like this. Take the test, Be honest and see what happens.


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        For the large majority of departments these days, using marijuana a few times when you were a teenager will not keep them from hiring you, so long as you are at least in your early to mid twenties. They like to see four or five years at least since your last use. The most important thing is to be honest about it.


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