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Maybe a stupid question, are air compressors used to make meth?

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  • Maybe a stupid question, are air compressors used to make meth?

    I posted a few weeks ago about what I suspect is a meth lab at the end of my street. I spoke with an officer and was asked to take note of cars coming and going and to get plate numbers if I could. I only have two plate numbers and 5 vehicle descriptions, I'm not sure if that's enough to bother calling the guy again. I don't want to be the paranoid pain in the butt who keeps ringing his phone.

    The past two days, I've seen a big pickup with integrated toolboxes and a compressor in the back pull up to the house for a few hours and then leave. While its there, the compressor runs constantly, but there's no sound of any air tools like a hammer or a wrench or anything.

    I've read that sometimes anhydrous ammonia is stored in used air compressors, but I don't know if that's baloney or not because I couldn't find a second source that said the same thing.

    I'm not trying to play junior detective. I just want to know what is relevant to tell the officer if/when I follow up with him again on this problem. I don't want to keep bothering him with stupid or irrelevant details.

    There's been a lot more traffic to the house this week and a lot of cars showing up, staying overnight, and then going.

    I have security cameras that record my front yard and incidentally, the street. No plates are visible on those cameras though, they're not that good.

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    LOL no I don't think he's inflating balloons.


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        This current post is a follow up from Muppet's OP:
        Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun.
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          No they are not necessary to produce meth.


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            After reading the original post, it's got me thinking... What if the woman suffers from bad migraines and is extremely sensitive to light? What if one of them works nights, so they have the windows covered to block out light?

            What if they recently had some kind of tragedy in their family? I've known grieving people to let their homes and yards go, and to have that thousand-yard stare.

            As for the compressor and the numerous vehicles: Is the fellow a shade-tree mechanic, trying to make ends meet?

            Just some things that occurred to me...
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              I would love to be wrong.

              I don't think I'm wrong, though.


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                You would not hear the air tools over the AC running outside. Esp. if they are inside the garage with doors closed etc.

                They could be sandblasting or painting a car, etc.


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                  Depending on the size of the air comp. tank, sure it can be used. Did you notice any discoloration or freezing? Have you found any discarded in the area? Do they have a burn pit in the yard? Any unusual odors in the area (Wont last for long periods of time) Usually the same odor around the same time every couple days for an average cook.

                  As mentioned by several others keep documentation for the investigating officer. There are new database programs we can use to track psuedo purchases. Which after running plates getting names can cross reference through those databases to get a basic picture. There are numerous other ways not suitable for the public forum.
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                    There's a very strong cat urine smell periodically but I've never documented the time in the past. The if the wind is blowing toward our house, we'll smell it. If not, then not.


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                      big pickups with integrated toolboxes and a compressor in the back that pull up to houses and run the compressor the whole time has nothing to do with meth. air compressors cost to much to be using them for anhydrous anyway. smelling cat urine when the wind blows towards your home is not a sign of meth either. perhaps you should find something more constructive to focus your attention on than those neighbors you dont like down the street.
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                        Lucky Dog,

                        Got a chip on your shoulder, man?

                        If they didn't have a small kid there, and if the constant stream of teenage visitors that go down there didn't constantly throw crap in my lawn, and if I wasn't worried about toxic waste being dumped into the water table in my neighborhood, then I wouldn't bother them a bit. What adults do to themselves in their own home is their own business.

                        It's when it goes beyond that there's a problem. Since DCF is already making regular visits, that's probably the best that can be done for the kid in the short term, but if they are cooking meth a hundred feet from my house, of COURSE I'll try to stop that.

                        As for not being a nuisance, that's why I'm asking/vetting my questions here, where questions are SOLICITED (the place is *called* "Ask a Cop") rather than bugging my local guys who have better things to do than field multiple visits/phone calls from me.

                        If I was some sort of clueless jerk, I'd just call the local PD "Hey durrp durrp they're using a compressor at the end of my street hyuk. Better send some cruisers down here right now! Durp Herp."

                        If the compressor were the ONLY thing I was worried about, there wouldn't even be question or an issue. Somebody linked my OP yesterday. There's a whole lot of elements that add up to a questionable picture.

                        I'm not sitting in my window with binoculars or I'd have a page and a half of license plates to give the police corporal who asked me to keep an eye out for them. Lots of traffic for a dead end street.


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                          If they are using anhydrous ammonia you would know when all the birds and animals drop dead and you suddenly can't breath. Also the valves on the tanks would turn blue from the contamination.

                          Like this:


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                            Are they renters? Contact the landlord.
                            Do you have any city codes about lawns, cars, junk etc? contact planning dept.
                            If you smell something "funny" in the air, call the Fire Dept.
                            They may be just slobs...

                            If your local PD can't handle things, go up to the county level (if you have it) or State level. Write everything down and why you think it's suspicious. Make an appointment with someone and take all your concerns in with you.

                            Multiple youths visiting a home for short periods of time suggests something is going on: drugs, prostitution, etc. Just because your CPS folks didn't see anything, doesn't mean there's nothing there.
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                              How do we know your not the bad guy trying to see if we're on to your type set up.

                              Bad place to ask this.
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