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    Do you patrole a predicatble route or do you intentionally switch routes?

    Does your department have a policy about "switching it up?"

    I was watching something on the History Channel and that about how there was this one officer that used to eat a donut on duty at the same time each day, which causaed him to leave his post at a predicatble time. A crime was commited while he was on break.

    This, of course, hapened a long time ago; henck, I cannot ever actually recall seeing an officer eating a donut, but I am currious if you intentionally change your patterns and adapt to new methodologies to prevent any possiblity of someone finding out your routine.

    Is your routine, if you have one, a closely guarded secret? Does dispatch assign you to watch a specific area of coverage?


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    FIRST learn how to spell PATROL. Nothing is routine. I go where ever I want when ever I want.


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      Originally posted by Blue Breed View Post
      FIRST learn how to spell PATROL. Nothing is routine. I go where ever I want when ever I want.
      Thanks for the answer. Oh, it is "whatever" not "what ever."


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        Originally posted by NETWizz View Post
        Thanks for the answer. Oh, it is "whatever" not "what ever."
        Hahaha... "whatever" is the one word he didn't use.
        Magistrate: "Do you have any other pending charges?"
        Drunk: "Well there's this thing where the cops said I spit blood on them."
        Me: "Wait a minute, that was me!"
        Drunk: "Oh... now you like me even less."


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          Yeah, true, but you get the point.


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            The CHP, as most agencies, has two types of beats: Line and area.

            Line beats are for freeways and interstate highways. Area beats are the unicorporated areas throughout the state patrolled by the CHP.

            Officers may work one or the other and may go throughout their assigned beat as they see fit. They are not regulated to go from end to end and return. As long as they are out there, doing the tasks assigned, no-one cares how they patrol.
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              Some nights I never touch certain roads. Some nights I circle the same area all night. Depends on recent crime trends, where I need to be, and what I want to do that night. I just look for people and cars. Wherever they are, I am.


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                I change my pattern everyday.


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                  Originally posted by mikeymedic View Post
                  I change my pattern everyday.
         boring would it be do drive the same roads the same way, at the same time, every night? i dont really even have a set pattern, just where the calls take me.

                  in between calls i go where the traffic is to get some stops in on speeders with high dollar radar detectors, or kick in doors on misdemeanor warrants, or stealth around looking for whatever person i want to violate for no reason, then i take a smoke break and then another, then do it all again....pretty much it's just whatever i feel like. even when the brass orders me to do something, i'm just like whatever and tell them "like whatever" while rolling my eyes, and then i do whatever i want.what......everrrrrrr.


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                    as long as i handle my business when the need arises, i go where i want and do what i want. if there is an obvious need for extra attention in a certain area, then i will show the star in that area.
                    wherever you go, there you are....


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                      I go to calls.

                      I do what I want when Im not at calls.

                      And I have enough common sense not to have a set break times or patrol routine. Its just not smart.


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                        In reply to your question, I can safely say: All of the above.


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                          Interesting to know the CHP have Line and Area. Thanks SgtCHP for discussing the professional policy.

                          Regardless, one thing is made clear. Everyone has discression over going where they please and are most needed between the calls.

                          ... I will have to stay away from luckeydog, the ferocious K-9


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                   seem to constantly have questions about our tactics and patrol techniques. I dont look at this forum everyday however, when I do log on there is another question from you. What is your agenda
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                              My nefarious, mischievous agenda changes daily ;-)


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