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    my Sgt. just got me good tonight...

    i was doin phones & complaints for the night and Sgt. on the desk was doin his usual stuff. i get a call from a neighboring pct. Detective askin for one of the officers nearby.. so i get him and put him on.

    all of a sudden i see my Sgt. and the other po both laughin. Sgt. says hey , that Det. from Robbery wanted to know who stole your peripheral vision, as hes holding the phone in his hand 5 feet to my left ...
    "There's only two kinds of people who walk slow in this city... Us and them."

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      I work at the county jail... common prank is to tell the "new boots" the sheriff is flying in on his helicopter and has trouble locating which building is the jail so we need him to go up to the roof and wave 2 flashlights to get the sheriff’s attention. Usually the SGT walks up and demands to know why he/she hasn’t gone to the roof yet, the sheriff will be here any second.
      Then we all pile into the picket to watch the camera.

      One poor “new boot” was out there waving when the hospital Rescue One chopper flew low overhead (although he couldn’t tell it was Rescue One). He dang near lost his mind waving those flashlights and yelling as the chopper “over shot the landing”.

      Another one is to tell a “new boot” to go down to the forms table in the briefing room and get a I – D – 10 – T form. Had one looking for about an hour before someone told him to right it down and go get the form… 10 minutes later he came back up red.


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        Years ago, right after being issued pepper spray, we would liberally spray the door handles of the rookies cars.

        Rookies who left their keys in their units. We would move the cars on the other side of the Courthouse or somewhere down the block and have the dispatcher notify the rook of a traffic crash. Rook would coming running outside only to find his car gone, the look on their face was priceless.

        Capture a live possum and put it in a Rooks unit late at night.

        Smear some type of grease on the gearshift of a Rooks car.

        Oh man, the fun we used to have on the graveyard shift.


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          I was had last night at the start of my shift.

          Walked into the squad room and immediately had to drop my trousers for a visit to the can. Once I finished up, I opened the door and found all the lights off. Odd. Pretty soon I heard the unmistakable sound of a Taser X26 being spark tested. Then the lights pop on and the second shift Sergeant, second shift patrol officer, AND the darned police explorer all pop out of various places.

          I was glad I had just finished droppin' those kids off...


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            Wow…I don’t even know where to begin with this one. When I was on patrol, my captain was out of control and our shift followed along. Let’s see…the captain would put those little fart capsules under the rug at the water fountain, so when someone would step up to get a drink, they would unknowingly step on the capsule and break it, causing it to smell like they just let out a big one…you know, the kind that burn! ;-)

            The captain would put petroleum jelly on the toilet seat. I actually got caught by this one and that stuff don’t come off…it just spreads! :-(

            Filling another shift officer’s wall locker with paper shreds (the captain’s all had a master key to all the locks). We also would slim jim officers personal cars and do the same to their car.

            We also used petroleum jelly on their door handles to both their patrol car and their personal car.

            One officer took a call of a snake at large. He and another female officer responded and they found the bull snake. The male officer put it in a shoe box and took it out into some trees and let it go. He then took the empty box and put it in the female officer’s personal car. She refused to go home because she was terrified to get in her car. She in return the next night, got with some of the guys that worked in the old industrial area and they spot lighted pigeons. For those who didn’t know this (I didn’t until this even occurred), when you spot light a pigeon they will not take off. So they caught about 6 or 7 and put them in a paper bag. She then took the paper bag and put it in the male officer’s personal vehicle. Well, we all know what pigeons do best! I can guarantee he will never put an empty snake box in a person’s car again! Lol

            One final one. When I made detective and had a desk, we took a desk drawer of one of the older guys desk and we took it all the way out. We then flipped it over and used a piece of paper to hold the contents in the drawer and put it back in upside down. When he pulled it out the next day, it spilled everything from the drawer!

            Like I said, we had a ruthless shift so I could go on!
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              When I had first started my FTO gave me the keys while filling up with gas. All of a sudden we get a call I jump in and take off lol ripping the hose off the pump.


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                The reason I asked is because I saw "The Rookie" season 1 on Some funny jokes were played out on the rookies and they made a lot of dumb mistakes. I wasn't quite sure if it was dramatized a little, and if these things were really played out so much.

                EDIT: Not a LEO just responding to my own post.
                "By eating a misdemeanor, you just committed a felony."

                Spiral out. Keep going, going...


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                  Not as good as the ice block story, but one of the trainees (not me thank god) left his pinch book on the briefing room table. He came back and it was shrink wrapped as evidence. . . five or six times, and hanging from the celing.


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                    Not a rook but great. A buddy of a friend of mine just got back from Iraq. Anyways being the weekend before Halloween he was dressed in full man dress saudi turban and sunglasses. Any way I get him to go to our station and ask the Dispatcher for directions to the Gas processing plant and where he could get alot of Desiel fuel. Anyways he starts chanting and praying in aribic right there in the waiting room. Dispatch calls me and I advise that I am on a open door of a buisness and I will be tied up for a few moments. So I let her sweat for like 15 min. I stroll into the PD and open the door and talk to the guy for a bit. Then I put on my just saw a ghost face and tell her this guys got a Uhaul truck out in the parking lot and Ive seen this before. (Iraq vet myself.) So I got her freaking out and tell her to find the number for homeland security. I leave the door ajar and this guy starts to come in. I block the entrence and he says "It ok I come in." I hear her yell NO!!! Anyway this guy starts chanting in aribic again and I wisper bum rush bum rush. He plows through me and makes a bee line for dispatch. Shes screaming as I tackel him and we start wresteling around on the ground. You should of seen her face when we both get up laughing our butts off at her expense.
                    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.


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                      Originally posted by Hale View Post
                      When I had first started my FTO gave me the keys while filling up with gas. All of a sudden we get a call I jump in and take off lol ripping the hose off the pump.
                      kinda like this?

                      for the record, not my unit.....


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                        Rookies would come into the office to use the restroom. They would leave their duty gear in the radio room. BIG mistake! When they came back, everything would be "field stripped", pistol, magazines, if it could be taken apart, it was.


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                          (reviving for entertainment)
                          "By eating a misdemeanor, you just committed a felony."

                          Spiral out. Keep going, going...


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                            Had an officer that worked the beat next to min, he would routinely slip off to his girlfriends house around 3AM almost everynight. And you wouldnt hear from him for about two hours unless he got a call. One night after working a wreck I scooped up a bunch of the broken glass and put it a property bag and waited. The next time I saw his car there, I used a Slim Jim to open his car and parked it around the corner. I scattered the broken glass in her driveway and waited. About an hour and a half later he called me on the phone about to cry! I let him sweat for about 30 minutes before I told him.


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                              Originally posted by Hale View Post
                              When I had first started my FTO gave me the keys while filling up with gas. All of a sudden we get a call I jump in and take off lol ripping the hose off the pump.
                              I did that once at the end of a long shift, thinking about how I was going to finish all of my reports on time and not thinking about my task at hand. It wasn't the first time that I've had a Sgt show up and start shaking his head out of disbelief.


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                                I've seen/heard of too many to count..I haven't been a victim myself of tooo many.

                                Off the top of my head...

                                Frozen uniform shirt in an ice block, badge frozen in a cup of peanut butter.

                                Petroleum Jelly/toothpaste on the sgt's phone earpiece

                                One brave soul took a photo of their jewels resting on the watch commander's phone handset, sent an email of said photo to the aforementioned watch commander. Then called the watch commander's phone and said, "Hey check your email!"

                                Leaving your duty belt outside when you use the bathroom usually finds new guys with half of their belt items flipped upside down.

                                Random animals caught and placed into areas they don't belong

                                One of the sgt's found a huge spider/tarantula/monstrosity once...let it go in a canyon, but proceeded to run around throwing a fake spider at deputies using the same box we'd all seen the live one in.

                                There is the ever-present danger of finding various images on your desktop background if you leave it unlocked. A program was written and run on some of these computers that put richard simmons on the desktop background of whoever left it unlocked every few minutes.

                                There is this stuff called "liquid ***" and it smells like a mixture of death, and extricated chille rellano in a tijuana bathroom. You can only imagine.

                                Parking someone's car across the lot in the rain, but not before adjusting the seat so a midget couldn't even get in there so they have to stand there and fix it before they can get in.

                                water balloons..

                                Many more I have yet to behold I'm sure. There are some veteran pranksters around who mastermind things I've never even thought of.


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