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  • Right of way

    I'll try and explain this the best I can because I don't have any pictures to post. There is a 2 lane road with a bridge going over the interstate. On the bridge there is a turning lane to turn left in order to get on the entrance ramp to the interstate. There is no traffic light at the intersection. If your coming the opposite direction, you have to turn right onto the entrance ramp. There is a yield sign to turn right. Why does the person turning left have the right away to turn while the person turning right has to yield? I always thought that if you are turning left without a traffic signal that you never had the right away? I was just wondering if you could explain why it's like this and does someone turning right/left supercede someone turning the opposite direction?

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    wow...thats a new one to your municipality and ask them...thats not usually how it goes
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      the one turning left has the right of way, because as he's coming out of the intersection into the on ramp if he had to stop and wait on car(s), he may be trapped in the intersection which would create a hazard. On top of that, imagine 3-4 cars entering the on ramp...
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        The way I see it as an improper yield sign. The law is going to say that left turners do not have right of way across a road. And you are in the lane they have to cross and therefore have right of way. You have nothing to yield to.

        Probably could use a pic, but unless it's one of those merging right turn lanes where you merge into the lane instead of making a 90 degree turn then it would make sense.

        There's a common lane and someone has to yield. You yield as a person turning right because if the person turning left has to yield they would stop in cross traffic.

        Like this:

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          We have quite a few of those intersections here. Instead of a yield sign, its usually a stop sign. Then there is a second sign that says something along the lines of "Oncoming Traffic Does Not Stop", etc.


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            Because your local traffic engineer is an idiot. Just saying...........
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