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    Hey guys!

    I stumbled across this great forum. I am another obese American in need of help!

    My name is Louis, I am 21 (22 in JAN) from Las Vegas NV.

    I have a bit of a unique situation!

    To start with, On December 4th,2008 I fell through a ceiling (hard lid) while doing some networking in a commercial establishment, I fell 12FT, busted my left femur. I know have a pivot bolt in my hip through the rod.. and a 10MM rod in my femur.

    I did PT for about 3 and a half months, they kicked me out and I'm on my own. I didn't walk for 4 months, gained hella weight on top of my already obese issue.

    I was working really hard to become a cop out here.

    I'm 21, 22in JAN.. 5'6", Italian, built stocky, and have always had a hard time losing weight.
    My whole family joined the jenny craig thing, it works, we then adapted their meals and stuff into out own everyday living, I dropped a lot of weight from about 280, to around 245. I need to continue to drop. I go to the gym usually every other night, work out basic things.. and drink muscle milk when I get home. I eat fruit (apples, grapes things along that line). Eat veggies (I do must say my Italian heritage of also New York descent doesn't help.. Pizza, phillies, pastrami, french dip, heros.. its crazy. I eat that stuff still, but in small amounts, I share portioned with my wife as well. I;m working on a 1700 - 2,000 calorie a day diet, with gym. I know there is no real way to do this, but how can I drop down to 200lbs in a short period of time and bulk up for a police offer's fitness exam for Las Vegas Metro?
    Fitness test REQs here:

    Jamar Grip Strength
    must grip 80 lbs.

    must complete 32
    (one minute)(rest in up position)

    must complete 24
    (no time limit) (rest in up position)

    100 Yard Dash
    19 seconds

    Bend, Twist & Touch
    20 Seconds
    15 (cycles of the BTT)

    1 Mile Run
    10 minutes 49 seconds

    My weight loss is plateauing as it always had at 245 and fluctuates to 248. My injury isn't that bad, I will kill myself trying, I don;t aggravate it, I just need a lil help.

    Thanks guys!


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    Get in touch with a personal trainer at a local gym.


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      Sign up for this guy's blog. He is a member here, and an occasional poster here. You can also search for his posts here.

      This guy seems to know what he's talking about.
      You can now follow me on twitter.


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        How are you stacking up against the requirements? I've seen big guys that handle themselves just fine.


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