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Any advice from the K9 units out there?


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  • Any advice from the K9 units out there?

    Posting this here mainly because I'm too lazy to go register for yet another forum and you all are just such a great bunch of guys and gals! Heh. Anyways...

    My girlfriend and I have a GSD mix about 10 months old. We're guessing GSD - Corgi mix. She bears a VERY close resemblance to the dog depicted in this video, only a bit slimmer: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1825613 (work safe, aside from doggie vomit, lol)

    She's a handful at times, chews on things she's not supposed to, annoys the other pets, usual puppy // juvenile dog things. We also have a 2 year-old Yellow Lab. The mutt seems active and curious enough on her own while on walks, but pair her with the Lab and it's even worse. We managed to dial her back some starting this weekend; bought her a harness to get her off a collar-lead so she doesn't strangle herself when she gets after something or tries to keep up with the Lab. We also bought her a "Wacky Walkr" lead. It's a latex-rubber leash akin to the exercise cables, it tenses up gradually as the length increases, so the jerking is noticibly lessened.

    This coupled with the harness have GREATLY improved the control we have over her on walks, but she's still getting excited on walks when she sees a squirrel or other such thing...she'll even dart for a tree staring up at a squirrel. Again this is only made worse when we walk the two dogs together...almost everything the Lab finds, the other one has to rush to see...and the leads being two different lengths doesn't help either.

    In a nutshell, I believe she's being overstimulated on her walks, and while I'm all for her having a good exercising workout (she loves when I run a block with her for example) there's times when I don't want to look like the nut being dragged down the sidewalk by the dog on the dayglow yellow bungie cord!

    Any ideas aside from seperate walks? Tried that one today and she still had moments.
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    If your dog looks ANYTHING like the one in that video, and you think it's an anything-corgi mix, you've obviously never seen a a welsh corgi. Both of our corgis could fit under a GSD with plenty of headroom to spare.

    With that said, the needs of any dog are different, your best bet if you can afford it (usually not as expensive as you may think) is to get private training you you, your girlfriend, and the mutt.


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