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    What is the penalty of driving a Go-Kart on public streets? It's registered in California under a off-road vehicle according to the DOT standards.

    Me and my friend have ripped through the streets already. We've been pulled over but the Sheriff's just laugh and tell us to go home.

    But, what are the consequences?
    Do they ticket you?
    Or arrest you and tow your toy away?
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    I don't think I've even seen a Go-Kart on a public street...

    I'll let MdrDep...or 2wheeldep...or SgtCHP weigh in on this one.


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      It truly depends on the court within who's venue you are operating. There are a number of violations that can be applied: equipment, lighting, braking, speed, reckless driving, failure to obey signs, etc. Probably the greatest is unlawful operation of an off-highway vehicle. It can result in a requirement to equip the vehicle for lawful highway operation, and that can run into big dollars. It can also lead to the loss of off-highway registration.

      Contact your local DMV and obtain the handbook for off-highway vehicles. Or, buy a copy of the vehicle code and research the sections: 38000-38397.

      Just as a point of interest, if you are operating on a highway in an unlawful manner and are not a licensed driver, you risk loss of the vehicle - it may be impounded! Why take the chance?
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        If officers have caught you in the act and let you go there are a couple possible explanations:
        > They had somewhere else more important to go
        > They didn't know the violation section(s) off-hand and didn't want to appear less-than-expert
        > They, or maybe their kids, sometimes violate the same law (OHV on a street) and they would have to wrestle with the moral thing.
        Being caught by chance is one thing. Being caught because a resident has been complaining to the cops is completely different. You will be cited and / or impounded to shut up the complainer.
        What color is your registration sticker? If you are lucky it will be green. If it is red, (the 8th character of your VIN # is a 3 or a C), it will be illegal to operate your cart in most of Ca. (even off-road) from about 5/31 to 10/1, depending on exactly where you might be.


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          I have a cheater for scooters, mopeds, go karts etc, but I usually remember all the fun I had on those little things and kick them lose with a warning.


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