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Amazing update: Thank you Sgt CHP!


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  • Amazing update: Thank you Sgt CHP!

    I originally posted about my ex who had fled state on a felony dui charge. Sgt CHP advised that I notify the local authorities in Henry County Illinois to get the ball rolling. Well, I did that as well as contact the local PD, as well as straightshooter.com and they turned in the tip as well.

    Okay, so I looked on the local Henry County Court records site today and changed it from a class 4 felony to a class 2 felony. This was just done this week! Now, I am not sure if this means they will extradite but this record wasn't available online until the calls were made. The original file was 2007.

    I guess his run from the law was short lived indeed! It seems to me that this would be a probation violation as well.

    This is a list of his new charges:

    AGG DUI/3RD+ Original Guilty Class 2 Felony
    Disposition 1 101 - Guilty 01/09/2007
    Sentence 1 205 - Probation/Spec Cond 2 years 01/09/2007 In Force
    Sentence 2 301 - Fine 01/09/2007 In Force
    Sentence 3 403 - Drug Treatment 01/09/2007 In Force
    Sentence 4 404 - Alcohol Treatment 01/09/2007 In Force
    Sentence 5 202 - Jail 180 days 01/09/2007 In Force
    Sentence 6 302 - Restitution
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    Great! Glad that all came to fruition for you. Good luck!
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      Hell hath no fury!


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        Squeaky wheel gets oiled. It's a good thing for your or any other complainent to get actively involved with follow up action on known fugitives. To LE, they are just another (in the vast cesspool of) cases and if they lay low, may avoid capture. We run into it often with outstanding warrant and/or protective order cases. A few phone calls and/or updates as to the target's whereabouts and they get picked up/served.

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