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Did I offend an officer?


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    1st of all, I cant believe you got a ticket to begin with...being a recent grad and all...BUT you are not yet hired, so it could go either way.
    2ndly..YES, you offended him, hence his response..but thats were right and had the proof to back it up...thats what a cop does.

    Anyway, he is old and tired and found a place to "sleep", so to speak and yes..his way was the way a while back and thats all he knows, BUT to argue with a current book stating otherwise is just stubborn and stupid...he was embarrassed and could nto admit it..probably good he is inspecting vehicles and not on the road.

    Good job, let it go as a life experience and good luck in the future. Get a job quick so you'll stop getting BS citations
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      What numbers are you referring to? The inches or distance from the fenderwell? If so, you may be incorrect as the flap must cover the outer rim of the tire. If not, I can cite. Interesting that a Deputy cited you and you took it to the local CHP office for sign off, then didn't get what you wanted and went to your friend who signed it off. I hope for his sake that the sign off was inspected and did pass the VC, otherwise he could be in trouble. You even stated that you "deserved it".

      Why did you play one off the other? Just curious. Not a good way to get your name out there.

      Why did everyone automaticaly assume the CHP Officer was in the wrong? How many times have you all said that there are two sides to the story? We only have the OP version, and you have all stated that the CHP Officer is lazy, burned out, wrong, etc.

      Wow. Just wow...
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