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How has your Agency reacted to the TASER warning?


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  • How has your Agency reacted to the TASER warning?

    I was just curious how some of your Departments / communities have reacted now that TASER released that advisory, I got kinda curious after I saw this idiotic news article that our paper put out.
    ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Recommendations by a popular stun gun maker have prompted Escambia Sheriff's Deputies to heed the warnings.

    Taser International is now saying the device they make presents a health risk.

    Channel Three's James Jackson joins us with more.


    The manufacturer says in some cases tasers can cause cardiac arrest.

    But the family of a man, who says the taser was a factor in his death, want the recommendations taken even further.

    Cynthia Wilson holds a picture of her uncle, the late Robert Boggan.

    He died four years ago, after family members say he was tased, pepper sprayed, injected with sedatives and strapped to a chair in the Escambia county jail.

    She believes the taser contributed to his death.

    Cynthia Wilson/Robert Boggan's Niece, "My Uncle had several of those marks on his body where those officers had tased him. I mean it was all in his chest, on his stomach, on the inside of his legs, on his arms. He had them all over his body."

    Researchers at Taser International say if police tase a person near the heart, who happens to be on drugs, it can seriously injure them.

    Sgt. Ted Roy/Escambia Sheriff's Office, "It's just a recommendation. It makes sense."

    Sergeant Ted Roy says Escambia Sheriff's Deputies will be encouraged to follow the guidelines.

    200 law enforcement deputies and 100 detention deputies there are taser certified.

    Sgt. Ted Roy/Escambia Sheriff's Office, "Our trainers are going to just emphasize when possible, aim for the lower muscle mass. There's more muscle down here, more fatty tissue."

    Cynthia Wilson/Robert Boggan's Niece, "I think they shouldn't use the gun period. They already have one gun. A 38 or whatever they put on their hip. I think they need to stop the tase gun."

    Amnesty International says more than 350 people have died after being stunned by a taser.

    The organization says in 50 of those cases autopsies linked the stun gun to the cause of death.

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    This whole issue has nothing to do with health, it has everything to do with trying to minimize liability. Luckily, since Taser Intl. knows how police work is, they put a whole lot of "when possible" and "if able to" in the recommendation. Taser Intl. never says that the Taser can be a health risk, that's something that the media has put into their mouth.

    As far as what our agency has done? They put out the release, and are policy how also has a lot of "when possible" and "if able to".


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      There's talk of taking the tasers away from us and giving us this radical, new, innovative item, I believe it's called a nightstick.


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        It's business as usual for us. All Taser said was TRY to avoid the chest just like they said, TRY to avoid the face and neck before. So if I aim for their gut and one hits them in the chest due to their own movement so what. Just like if they are acting crazy or fighting and I aim for the back but one hits them in the head, so what, he shouldn't have been fighting thats the take from my dept. Just like a ASP, I'm trying to hit the common peronials but if you are moving like a jitter bug and I hit your ribs, then shame on you not me. Nothing with us has changed. We had already been told to TRY to avoid hitting the chest.

        Our local news did a piece on this and our DT instructors, said, nothing with how we operate will change, we have already been using this policy but explained if your acting out and you get hit in the chest, neck or where ever beware it is hard to get what you want on a squirming, moving target so the best advice is NOT to get yourself tazed in the first place I thought it was a brilliant piece! It made it look like they really had no story there at all, like a waste of a news story.

        Oh, they asked with regards to the firearm where are officers trained to aim. I loved the look when he said to the reporter, the State Of Louisiana mandates training center mass and headshots, LOL!
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          POLICE TACTICS - probably not one of the best topics for a public forum! Just sayin'..................
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            Originally posted by SgtCHP View Post
            POLICE TACTICS - probably not one of the best topics for a public forum! Just sayin'..................

            Sgt I respect and like to read your post so I'm not trying to argue with your opinion, just asking what has been said that isn't good on a public forum? especially since everything from my post to the others has already been "Publicly" discussed. The other post just cited an article, my post was a reading of a news broadcast. This is easier than google just watch it before the weather segment on your local news.
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              Creolecop, my comment was not directed at you specifically! It is for the content of the topic.

              When in a public forum, the discussion of any agency's policy and procedures or the specific tactics used for officer safety are best left untouched.

              There is no need to provide a defense to someone out there that may have a challenge to a specific act; or, to provide a potential offender information on how to overcome a specific tactical move by an officer.

              It all boils down to officer safety and CYA, and to be able to go home at the end of your shift unfettered and safe.

              Think about it!
              Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

              [George Washington (1732 - 1799)]


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                We orderd 10 more
                It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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                  So people with drugs in their system die? after fighting with the po-leece? after failing to stop what they were doing??

                  Whats the problem again?

                  Sounds like Robert Boggan, should have been nicer and cooperated while in jail instead of an a-hole.

                  Bad things happen when you use drugs then fight the po-leece.
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                    Our guys carry problems!


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                      We were directed to aim for the crotch. I'm thinking that once the word spreads once they see the taser they will just give up. I mean really who wants to be shot in the ding ding with a sharp pointy electrical device
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                        The only reason Taser even put out not to specifically target the chest was so it wouldn't even be an issue but it has backfired on them and morons take it that they are admitting some kind of danger in their product related to cardiovascular issue's, which is not the case. The ECD taser when deployed properly effects the Central Nervous System through Neuro Muscle Incapacitation.
                        The biggest issue with targeting someone's chest is the second probe hitting someone in their crotch which though effective takes time because the hospital would have to remove the probe.

                        We are trained to hit them from behind if possible but not required to do so.
                        Each incident is different and most of the time is dictated by the Offenders actions and what he or she offers as a target area vs the officers ability to pick and choose a target area.
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                          Nothing yet...

                          It's kind of like no baton strikes in a certain area...I was aiming at a specific area ......when the suspect moved and was inadvertantly struck in the so and so. Whoops!!!! I'm responsible for MY actions not his!

                          It's all about going home at the end of your shift.
                          This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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                            I like the ladies idea, we already carry pistols, let's use those instead.
                            I hear people do much better after being shot.

                            (sarcasm off)
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                              Tasers are for p***ies. Just get yourself a nice strong stick and take care of business.
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