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    I am 17 and training in the state of Indiana to get my Fire fighter 1 and my Fire fighter 2. I have already obtained my First Responder and starting next year I am going for my EMT-B.

    My question is what are the pros and cons of being a police officer, cause i have wanted to become a police officer since i was young. Yet, i have been studying and training to become a fire fighter.

    I also just got my parents use to the fact that I wanted to become a fire fighter and to let me do ride outs. The other day i mentioned doing ride outs with the local police department, and it was the quickest no i have ever gotten.

    Please give me your thoughts on the matter. Thank you for providing your service to your community and stay safe.

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    I also apologize for using the lower case I's I kind of type fast and forget what I learned in school. Thanks for your service to your community and stay safe.


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      Originally posted by Gold777 View Post
      My question is what are the pros and cons of being a police officer...
      Um, that's a really general question... you may want to narrow it down a bit to get some replies.


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        Alright once again I apologize for being to generic. Lets try this again, what do you like most about being a police officer and what do you like the least about being a police officer.


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          Police cannot trust anyone....those making our food, those we contact on calls, etc...Firefighters dont have that problem, they also have the luxury of making their own food...some darn good food at that too! Workout on duty, play video games, watch TV, sleep, etc

          People hate the po-leece..call us names, throw stuff at our cars, spit in our food, take photos of them peeing on our cars and posting them on myspace, (yeah,we caught him)
          Firefighters are pretty much loved everywhere, (well except in the Police station)

          Police are usually just getting by, especially when theres a family and childrens mouths to feed
          Firefighters generally have a second job because they have so many "days off", (they work 24 hour shifts), so they have some real oppoprtunities to make some extra $$$$

          Police have to wear bulletproof vests so some jagoff doesnt kill us ALL BECAUSE HE HATES OUR PROFESSION!!!! Firefighters dont have that problem

          Sounds odd, but Police have the best job though......
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