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    First of all, I would like to thank you officers for taking the time out of your day to read this and giving me some advice on the subject. Ok, I'm going to a $28k school for CJ, out of my original state. There is a school that I can possibly transfer to and major in criminology (any big differences between those two majors?) and the cost is about $7k for basically the same major (I think). The $7k school will be instate and I will be able to commute, making me able to work at my regular part-time job earning money while I go to school. I will be able to start taking some jiu-jitsu classes if I were to transfer since the classes are held closer to my home. I'll also be able to start going to the gym regularly and get myself to build up a bit. Is it just a waste of money to stay at the school I'm at now since I can get the same type of degree at a cheaper price, since they teach you what you need to REALLY know in the academy? Anyone have any advice on what I should do?

    EDIT: Current college I'm at is $21k/sem

    Thank You
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    To answer your question, yes
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      Last I heard, neither of those majors teach you anything worth wild that you will learn in an actual Police Academy.

      For financial reasons, I would go to the one closer to your home and since it's cheaper. Simple logic there. Just finish college in some type of degree then worry about a police academy.
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          I agree with all of your posts. Sounds like an issue to bring up to the parents and take it from there. I will also think about a minor in an area, just have to decide what. As for the whole gym thing, I can do that here but I usually work out closer toward night time and the college I'm at is in Springfield, Ma. Not exactly the place you want to be wondering around when it's dark out. This past weekend alone there were five shootings resulting in six homicides.
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            At least minor in Business Management....
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              I think I'm gonna have to write out all the pro's and con's of doing this, that way I'm prepared when I bring it up to the parents


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                If I could do it all over again and not waste money on Criminal Justice degree I would choose English major with a minor in business probably. I could of really used more classes in writing to help on the report writing aspect.


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                  Here's what the other college has to offer; these are what I would consider a minor in:

                  Marketing Management B
                  Business Administration/Management B
                  Athletic Training/Sports Medicine B

                  ^ Top 2: Business Admin/Management and Marketing Management

                  I just need to see what different things you can do with either degree as a minor JUST in case..

                  Criminology B <---- major
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                    I think you'd be better served getting a degree in business management, public administration, communications, marketing or something similar. CJ degrees seem pretty limiting IMHO.
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                      Mother of God! Dude...hit a local community college for 2 years, its an extremely less expensive option. Take all the classes you can, THEN transfer to a larger "University" if you want, that way you save $$$.
                      Yes, fall back on a different degree, just in case
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                        For a CJ degree, go to the cheaper school as long as it is regionally accredited.


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                          I always say not to bother with a CJ degree. Even if some (not I) view it as valuable...many police agencies academies have agreements with local colleges which will grant college credit to those who successfully complete their program. Students who already have CJ degrees are, then, not able to get the credits as they are 'double-dipping'.

                          Any other degree...English, Accounting, Business, Education, Gen. Ed., etc. is just fine. Get a second language under your belt and you'll get in front of some other applicants during herd-thining time.
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                            Major in something else at the cheaper school.


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                              I'm gonna have to put some thought into this, I want to major in something I have an interest in too so I'm not bored out of my mind. If I go to the cheaper school, there are internship programs available so I can even work with my local agency too but I don't know if I would have to be majoring in criminology there in order to do that.

                              I definitely agree with transfering though.

                              I'm thinking about a major in business admin/management and a minor in criminology as of right now.
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