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What happened to the ticket?


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  • What happened to the ticket?

    Hey all, quick question.

    About 3 weeks ago I was stopped for speeding on the highway. The cop gave me a break and reduced the ticket. Well, I went to the courthouse today to pay it and they have no record of the ticket.

    The lady at the Clerk of Courts said if it was 3 or more weeks ago, it should definitely be in the system by now.

    Not that I'm complaining about not having to pay a ticket, but what the hell happened to it? I just don't want to forget about it and then a month later it comes back to haunt me.

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I do believe it was a hand written ticket, one of the yellow ones you get in Florida. Not one of the computer generated ones that most State Troopers use here.

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    Things get lost. However, there are times when the admin will wait until 30 days before sending in the ticket in some areas. When is your court date set for?


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      Give it some time and it will probably show up.

      You're doing the right thing by checking on it.... Keep calling and you'll be covered.

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        Probably still in his road bag.


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          Check the court date on the citation. Continue to check with the Clerk's Office. My sense is that the Officer has only recently turned the citation in. What you DON'T want to happen is for the citation to go to a warrant for Failure to Appear, and a suspension of your DL as well. Again, keep checking with the Court Clerk.


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            Yup sometimes officers just forget to turn it in. Our magistrates prefer us to turn our tickets in within a couple days of their being issued usually it doesn't happen like that. I believe the real rule is I can wait up to just before the court date to turn it in. Hell I wrote someone a noise violation and he got a huge break. I never did turn the ticket in (seperate book and hadn't used it in awhile.).
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              What agency issued it?


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                Lost forever between the radio and the light bar switches in the center console, along with countless peoples ID's.

                Check in on it every week until the statute of limitations runs out.


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                  Originally posted by candidateyellow
                  Lost forever between the radio and the light bar switches in the center console, along with countless peoples ID's.
                  no doubt-- and laying among the roach traps beneath the driver or passenger seat


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                    Every now and then find a ticket behind the big locked box where we are suppose to drop our tickets. In Ca an agency has up to 1 year to file a traffic ticket. Ca, you can also check your ticket online, so you don't have to call the court every week.
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                      Sorry, I was stuck on a containment and ate it............


                      They get lost sometimes. I usually find them about 3 years later when I'm cleaning stuff out (don't worry they don't get filed that late). If there was a must appear by date on it keep checking with the court at least that long.
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