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  • Your Best Arrest story

    Given the amount of negativity I see on this site, I'd like to hear some of your best stories.

    Thanks guys/gals

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    I remember making a stop on an equipment violation. Upon contacting the driver a 400 lb fat chick whose face looked like she fell into a tackel box I told her the reason I pulled her over. She snottedly told me I was profiling. I said no maam your tint is too dark for me to be able to see you but thank you for reminding me. Got the tint meter out and then smelled some marijuana coming from the vehicle. I asked her to step out. I advised her her vehicle was going to be searched because I had PC to belive there was marijuana in there. She told me Your not smelling marijuana coming from the car its coming off of me. Ok then. Female officer makes scene we pull a QP out of her fat rolls, bottle of pills from under those hams she calls boobs. Got more weed from the car and a prohibited weapon brass knuckels. Made my day. Whats best is I was dating a county deputy who was working the jail. After I drop my catch off on a narc she has to do the full search. I hang around to spend some time before I head back out. She says we need to talk. Next time you want to bring a 400 lb fat bi#@h in here on the rag you wait till my shift is over. LOL still chuckel about that on that was a year ago today.
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