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    Say you are instructed to work a cross-walk at an elementary school. School is out and there are kids all around. All of the sudden a car/driver that fits the description of an armed robbery speeds by. What do you do?

    My first instinct would be to call for backup and give the dispatcher the description of the vehicle and the direction and street in which the car was going. But say no backup was immediately available, is it okay to leave your post?

    Of course there is the safety of the children to consider but this guy was suspected of armed robbery so he is very dangerous as well. And when I say "leave your post" I'm assuming that there are parents and teachers to watch the children.
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    I would give a report of the direction of travel and any other information I noticed. You were assigned to work that particular area for a reason. Best to be a witness here.
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      Answer above pretty well sums it up. The death of a child in an unmonitored crosswalk might cast a bit of a shadow on an otherwise good robbery catch.
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        Thank you for the responses, I appreciate it.


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          Yeah lets see, I guy who is suspected in a robery...could even be his friend driving his car and he's not even in it...or hundreds of kids who could be hit by traffic...I call it in and give the direction of travel and ask to verify the plate.


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