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Throat slam Takedown


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  • Throat slam Takedown

    Last edited by jd08; 09-30-2013, 01:38 PM.

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    Warned him 3x. The kid is lucky he got the second chance. ABSOLUTELY JUSTIFIED!
    Most people fail because they trade what they want MOST, for what they want at the MOMENT.

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    Is it any surprise that cops don't trust anyone?


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      Depends on the department's policy regarding contact with the throat like that. I have seen some agencies actually ban their officers from using rear naked chokes and other blood chokes because they see them as too much of a liability. One of those agencies might have an issue with this type of a takedown. Mine would not.

      I think it's wholly justified and you can tell that the guy has some training, so i'm sure it was fine with his department. He grabs below the adams apple so as not to jerk the actual head around too much, he drives straight backwards rather than up and then down and he uses his foot to trip the guy on the way down. If I had to guess, I'd say this guy has some type of martial arts or fighting background and knew exactly what he was doing.

      The other thing this shows is that the Taser, or spray, are not always the appropriate tool. The suspect was clearly impaired and was already being defiant. Had the officer chosen to try to draw his Taser, the suspect might have run, which would have been a pain in the arse. Instead the officer distracted the suspect and took him down immediately. I give him two thumbs up, plus it's a good video to show at the PD every now and again and have a good laugh.
      Originally posted by K40
      To me, open carry is the equivalent of the couple making out and groping each other at the food court in the mall. Yeah, they are probably legal, as long as they don't start getting undressed. But they are still social retards.
      ‎"You go for a man hard enough and fast enough, he don't have time to think about how many's with him; he thinks about himself, and how he might get clear of that wrath that's about to set down on him." - Rooster Cogburn


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        The Cop did what he had to do to take the situation under control. Nice job. I would have done the same thing if I were a Cop and was in that situation.
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          Did the exact same thing a few weeks back, but a counter full of dishes broke his fall. This was in front of 2 Sergeants and both agreed it was justified.
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            Absolutely justifiable. Both parties walked away under their own power and the cop controlled what could have been a very ugly scenario. +1 for the cop.


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              +1 for the cop. He even justified himself before the takedown... "take your hands out of your pockets, you're making me nervous".

              Best comment of the day on Youtube:
              adamwestisapimp (19 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply damn im glad last time i had to deal with cops i took my hands out my pockets


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                "Rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior but for evil behavior. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same." ~~ God


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                  As long as you can articulate in your report....you can do anyyttthinggg.


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                    Why wouldnt it be justified? He didnt pound the guy, kick the guy, or strike him. Were we taught that in the academy? Not so much. Is the arm bar thingy they taught me always the best move...nope.

                    People do not understand that situations on the streets are dynamic and ever changing.

                    Ask, tell, make.


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                      This has been posted a couple of times here. Good job by the copper, and it is ALWAYS best to use the element of surprise to avoid having the situation escalate even further.
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                        Every time I watch that video I wonder why the other cop was just standing around after the takedown instead of assisting.
                        “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.” - Robert F. Kennedy.


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                          Originally posted by NYCDep View Post
                          Every time I watch that video I wonder why the other cop was just standing around after the takedown instead of assisting.

                          That is the only thing that bothers me about this video, that and the neon yellow shirts.

                          Beautiful takedown.
                          Do your best, do what is right


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                            Every time I see this video I can't help but smile. I think the officer did a very good job of giving direct verbal instructions, articulating his level of tension, and then quickly and effectively bringing the situation to a close.
                            Well done...well done.
                            Anything worth shooting is worth shooting 3 or 4 times.



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                              I thought to go for the throat you had to be justified in using deadly force...or is that just for strikes?

                              I don't think there is a policy in place as far as this goes in my departmnet...but nice job.


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