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    Hey everyone,
    I have to do a project for a class and have to do an interview of a law enforcement officer. I was wondering if anyone was available to answer a couple questions via AIM or email. It would be greatly appreciated. It won't be anything too long or time consuming. If you can help out email me at [email protected].
    Thanks alot,

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    It would be a couple of questions actually. If you email me I could email them back. Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.


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      1) Name and rank of the officer.

      (1) How do you feel about the current policies of your Department? Are there any policies you think that needs to be drastically changed?
      (2) How did your perception of law enforcement change before and after you began you career? Anything that stands out?
      (3) What is the population (approximately) in your area? Approximately how many officers patrol your city at any given time?
      (4) Do you feel additional education (i.e. college diploma or greater) would enhance your department.
      (5) What do you feel is more important, on the job (field training) or in-class training?
      (6) What types of Community Based programs (i.e. DARE) does your department work with?
      (7) How important do you feel working with your community is? Does it play a factor in helping deter crime?
      (8) Do you think that performance evaluations are beneficial to a department?
      (9) How do you feel about advances in technology in Law Enforcement? Is it making things better or more confusing? Examples?

      My instructor also wants an email or office phone number to verify the interview. You can email me that if you want. Again if its too much don't worry about it. I had interviews and they fell through and I am kinda trying to pull something together. If anyone else would like to answer them that would be great as the more input the better.
      Thanks alot, I really appreciate it!


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        Ok no problem. If anyone else can please do. You don't have to respond here you can copy and paste and email them to me.
        Thanks alot.


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          Umm I think so..


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            Sorry, if you don't work with me; I won't divulge that type of info.


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