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  • Age question

    I've posted something similar to this in the past, but I was wondering if you can still apply when you are 20 years old. I ask this because I know the hiring process could take (I know, it varies a lot) up to a year. I'm 19, in college, I turn 20 in February. I'd like to at least start sending out applications as soon as I can. If it's at age 21 I'm hired then great, if it's many more years than that, I'm OK too. Just wondering what you guys think.

    I know that some applications say you must be 20.5 to apply which probably answers my question. I'm mainly just wondering if I'm not 20.5 years of age will they even look at my application or just toss it in the trash? Thanks!

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    Depends where you are. You can be hired at 19 in NH.

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      Call the agency youre interested in and ask them. they may need someone ASAP and if youre hired, they will put you in the academy and do any in house training there is to do...but if youre only then 20 when youre done then you dont fill the spot, which is what they need.

      Ask them what you could do and how fast they need someone. My first agency hired me @30 days after I applied. They really needed someone.
      Some can take up to 1 year........

      Good luck
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        Depends on the state you're in, and the Agency you apply to. In Alabama, the required age is 21.


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