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  • Top 10 Movies

    Hello everyone, I know this is not the typical question but I figured it would break the routine. I am a big movie guy and I am sure most of you out there are too. So what are your top 10 movies of all times? It could be any genre. I am sure that is going to vary depending on age but I am sure it will be fun.
    Mine are:
    - Scarface
    - Crash
    - Seven
    - The Negotiator
    - Transformers 1
    - Transformers 2
    - Something about Mary
    - Training Day
    - Ace Ventura Pet Detective: When Nature Calls
    - The Fast and the Furious (First Part)
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    300 has to be the best movie of all time. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is funny as hell. Wedding Crashers... That's about it for me
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      1 - Band of Brothers (I know it's not a movie, shut up!)
      2 - The Dark Knight
      3 - The Godfather
      4 - Schindlers List
      5 - Shawshank
      6 - Mystic River
      7 - The Hunt for Red October
      8 - Black Hawk Down
      9 - Top Gun
      10 - Dr. Strangelove
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        Tombstone is my favorite.
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          in no particular order.....
          Night of the Comet
          Red Dawn
          Stalag 17
          The Gunfighter
          The Great Escape
          The Professional
          Saving Pvt Ryan
          Blues Brothers
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            No order

            -Way of the Gun
            -The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
            -Dawn of the Dead
            -Dr. Strangelove
            -Return of the Living Dead
            -The Hidden
            -The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
            -Return to Oz


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              In no particular order

              -The Hunt for Red October
              -Black Hawk Down
              -Dumb & Dumber

              I'm a huge movie guy too. My best friend and I can have whole conversations with movie lines. It makes both of our wives go crazy when we're out to dinner with them.
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                The Usual Suspects
                Office Space
                Old School
                Super Troopers
                Training Day
                Young Guns
                40 Year Old Virgin
                ...maybe not the GOAT, but some of my favorites
                I'm a huge movie guy too. My best friend and I can have whole conversations with movie lines. It makes both of our wives go crazy when we're out to dinner with them.
                Yeah, everytime I see my friends from high scool we usually have a full conversation from Office Space


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                  Bl***ing Saddles
                  Saving Pvt Ryan
                  Full Metal Jacket
                  The D.I. (Jack Webb Classic)
                  Young Frankenstein
                  History of the World
                  Batman "The Dark Knight"
                  Hunt for Red October
                  Red Dawn (teenager fav along with)
                  Top Gun
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                    No particular order
                    • We Were Soldiers
                    • Saving Private Ryan
                    • Blackhawk Down
                    • Braveheart
                    • Heat
                    • Blazing Saddles (Funniest Movie Ever)
                    • Full Metal Jacket
                    • Stalag 17
                    • Taxi Driver
                    • Dirty Dozen


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                      This was done about 2 weeks ago.
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                        Originally posted by DARE_SUPPORTER View Post
                        Tombstone is my favorite.

                        Also the Untouchables was pretty good.
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                          1. Red Dawn
                          2. Aliens
                          3. Black Hawk Down
                          4. Top Gun
                          5. STARGATE
                          6. Smokey and the Bandit
                          7. Lone Wolf McQuade
                          8. Quigley Down Under
                          9. Dawn of the Dead (the newest one)
                          10. SOLDIER (w/Kurt Russell)

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                            Not in any order, just first "top 10" to come to mind ....

                            ElectraGlide in Blue

                            Dr. Strangelove

                            The Searchers

                            Thunder Road

                            Lawrence of Arabia

                            The Grapes of Wrath


                            Schindler's List

                            Spencer's Mountain


                            That's 10, but I could have gone on for another 90 very easily.
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                            Retired @ 31yr 2mo as of 0000 hrs. 01-01-10. Yeah, all in all, it was good.


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                              Classic John Wayne : In Harms Way, Fightin' Seabees, El Dorado


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