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LEO K-9 Question.


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  • LEO K-9 Question.

    If there was a K-9 section I would have put this under it. Anyway, I have always been an animal person. So I am thinking maybe after a while of being a trooper, at some point I can look into being a K-9 unit. I was thinking today, when having small children in your family and having the dog as another family member as well as your partner, do any of you that are already K-9 units ever worry about the dog snapping on small children who we all know tend to climb all over animals pull at their tails or ears that sort of thing? Has it ever happened?

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    Growing up in a household in which we had a police dog (father was a handler) it was simply about education. Much like with firearms. It was stressed to both me and my sister that while the dog was a member of our family (and my bestfriend) he was also a cop just like dad. As such he wasn't treated like a pet and the risk was minimized. Course... it also helped having a dog that was the king of cool. When at work he loved it, but you could tell as soon as he got home and jumped out of the black and white he was "off work" and wanted to chill til the next shift.

    All in all it was a great experience growing up and I hope one day my children will have the same opportunity.


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      It's up to the handler if the dog is allowed to be around the family. Some don't allow it. Some treat the dog like a pet off work and the dog is perfectly fine with the family. It's all about the dog's personality and the handler.


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        Like training a dog to get used to you, the handler..You then must get him comfortable with your family and children. Dogs know when they are ON DUTY and OFF DUTY, and therfore can get used to your situation. The one rule my agency has is that you must have a decent environment for the dog EG a Back yard..room to run etc.


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          +1 for teaching the family members.

          A perfect set up would be for the dog to have a cage/pen/run what ever you wanna call it in the back yard that is enclosed. The dog can not escape and no one can enter. No one, absolutely no one, other than the handler should be having contact with the dog at home or not. A patrol dog that can bite or even a dope sniffing lab. One of the worst k-9 bites was from a lab.
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            If the family and the dog are properly trained, everything will be fine.

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              Our dogs bite. They aren't particular who they bite or when they bite you. Hence, they are not pets and are never treated as such. As a matter of fact, our dogs are not taken home by their handlers at night. Their kennels are at our jail and that's where they are housed.

              We have may occurances of our own dogs biting other officers. When we're setting a perimeter trying to locate the bad guy, when K-9 arrives, dispatch notifies us to get in our units because the dogs are working the area. They will bite you in or out of uniform. About the only one they won't bite is their handler.

              Our K-9 handlers like to bring their dogs out to the range to get them use to the sound of gunshots. One handler let is "docile" dog off his leash and he bit the guy standing next to me. I damn near shot the dog. If he'd taken one more step towards me, he'd been BBQ Ka-gogy.


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                This is an ongoing debate in the K-9 community there are 2 schools of thought on this topic. 1 is K-9s are part of the Family and you can have your family around or #2 is the K-9 is a tool and should never be in the house with the family.

                When I had my K-9 I never allowed him in the house around the family. If I was home alone he could be out in the house with me if my wife and kids were home he was in his kennel. My wife was taught to control him in the rare event he escaped the kennel and I was not home.
                These dogs are not ment to be house pets. Which is why most police K-9s come from bloodlines outside the US. Most US dogs have the drive and agressivness taken out thru breeding to make them great house dogs but poor Police dogs. They are tools.
                Can people let there dogs run in house and be around kids sure I know alot of handlers that do that never have a problem. Could my K-9 have been in my house with out issues sure I believe he could have but my kids were not worth the risk to me to find out.
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                  Our K 9 Deps just use long leashes on their kids. They let them run at the dog and then "snap" them back with the retrievel button. Great fun. Sure, every once in awhile the dog gets a happy snack, but hey, you can always grow more kids.
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