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Putting my self through the Academy.


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  • Putting my self through the Academy.

    I was wondering if it was a good idea if I should put my self throught the academy because of how the economy is and then try and apply to be a police officer. Is that a good Idea If anyone has any suggestions and advice I would like to hear it please. I just did the sheriff's backround but they said even if we make it that night of orientaition then they have only hired 14 officers this year. This is for San Diego Sheriff's Dept.
    San Diego Sheriffs:
    Written-08/15/09 Passed
    Orientation-09/09/09 Passed
    Background Interview-9/29/09 On A Waive
    LT Interview-
    Written Psych-
    Psych Interview-

    Applied 02/10
    Met Quals 03/10
    Contingent Offer5/10

    San Diego Harbor Police
    Applied- 08/10

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    Putting yourself through an Academy (Self sponsorship) can be a real crap shoot. It can also be a rather expensive one, in terms of both time and money, and with no guarantee of employment at the end of your efforts. OTH, many smaller agencies will prefer an applicant they don't have to send to the Academy. If you later were to be hired by another agency (CHP.LAPD etc) which run their own Academies, you'd be required to attend and complete those Academies, either in full, or an abbreviated form. Finally, you want to be certain that the Academy you attend is accredited/approved by CALPOST. Good luck in whatever decision you make.


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      PhilipCal took the words right out of my mouth. It's a crap shoot. Most agencies around here won't hire you unless you are already certified, but you need to find an agency that is actually hiring people.


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        ^^^yup, yup^^^

        It's a gamble, or an investment depending on you look at it. I had a few people from my academy never get jobs, the majority did though. For some it took 2 months, for others it took 2 years.

        To answer your question: If it takes having the academy before any departments will look at you then it just depends on how bad you want it. Either roll the dice, or don't. Either you want it or not. You can't hit a home run unless you swing the bat.

        It worked out for me and most of my buddies.


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          It is a great idea! Putting yourself through shows you know what you want to do and what to expect in the job field. There is nothing "bad" that can come from putting yourself through...only good.
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            Before you waste your time, just make sure you are "hireable" down the road. Then I say you got a 50/50 shot if you excell in the academy.
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