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Listing a formal complaint on an application?


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  • Listing a formal complaint on an application?

    Hello all.

    I am currently working on an application for a FLEO. One of the questions states "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THE SUBJECT OF A FORMAL COMPLAINT SUBMITTED TO A POLICE DEPARTMENT?"

    In my first year of college we had a neighbor call in a noise complaint during a going away party we were having for a roommate. Despite the officer telling us that he couldn't hear anything from the street, he said that he needed to give us a warning, which my roommate and I signed. Nothing was done after this (other than the neighbor apologizing a few days later). My question is; Does this qualify as a formal complaint? Given the nature of the section these questions are listed in I gather they're more concerned with more serious crimes, but regardless, I'd like to be thorough.

    Thank you.


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    I would list it. If the closest thing to a formal complaint that you've had filed against you is a noise complaint from your freshman year, then most people would look at that as a good thing.


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      List it on the application. I highly doubt it will hurt you. It may come up in a polygraph if you dont list it. Ex

      Question: Is there anything you havent told us that you think we should know?
      Answer: No

      If this is on your mind when you take the poly it may come up deception. Just be thorough and HONEST


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        When in doubt....list it.


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          List it. Shouldn't be a problem.


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            I can list that there has been a complaint, but there isn't anywhere to elaborate on what it was.

            EDIT: Scratch that I added a description in the additional information section. The worst part about getting the complaint was that I gave that neighbor my cell phone number, and told them that very evening we'd be having a party, and to call me should the noise get too loud. He didn't even bother to do that.
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