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K9 Friendly Departments in the West?


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  • K9 Friendly Departments in the West?

    First off, I'm not sure if this should go here or in "Hiring/Recruiting" so moderators if you feel the need to move it that's fine with me.

    I'm a deployed National Guardsman and am going to pursue a career in LE when I return next spring. I am starting to research departments to apply to, looking at who's recieving COPS funding, etc. My eventual goal is to become a K9 Handler, and I had a conversation the other day with a Military Handler who is an LEO as a civilian. He encouraged me to be careful in my job search to find a department that is K9 friendly, his words were to the effect of "Find a department that is part of the pro K9 culture." I took that to mean a department that has a thriving K9 program that is very valued by the department and thus stable and well utilized. It seemed like good advice to me.

    Now I know that becoming a Handler is a long process, and don't have any stars in my eyes about being trusted and rewarded with a K9 Partner 2 weeks after FTO. I know I'm going to have to work hard at becoming a good patrol officer for a few years first. But I would very much like to stack the odds in my favor by at least trying to apply at departments that meet the above description.

    Can forum members give me some input/advice about departments in the west that meet the above, or ones to stay away from? Looking at Oregon (First), Washington, Idaho, Montana, etc. Basically Western or South Western States other than Southern California. PM's are fine if that is better for you. Thanks in advance for your replies and Thanks always for putting your 1* on the line.
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    Edit: Followed link from another thread, didn't realize this was Ask a Cop territory....


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      San Diego PD hands down. One of the first to go big with their unit and they are pretty active. Most every PD in SoCal has a good unit that I have heard of. I am including those for people that might look at this thread based on the title.

      WA has a lot of very good units that do some great trailing. Pierce County SO and Seattle are two that I know are good.

      Once you narrow down where you want to live, you can begin to really narrow it down. But I would find a place you want to work based on other factors....
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