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    Originally posted by Code Seven
    JenInNJ, I hope you don't think I was being mean, but when I read essay response after essay response, I tend to think that something isn't right, especially when the essays take a defensive/aggressive tone. Maybe you needed to get your thoughts off your chest. I can understand that.
    Not at all. It's all good.


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      Originally posted by BrickCop View Post
      Your pompous hypocrisy is laughable.

      Why are you wasting your talents here? You should be doing a book tour of the country with these tidbits of drama....er...I mean wisdom. Nevertheless thank you for wasting your energy in enlightening us knuckle draggers. I'm sure that any future posts seeking validation...er...I mean an explanation for your inablity to form long lasting relationships will be directed to DoctorPhil.com instead of the O.com Neanderthals.
      He who speaks the truth certainly has lots of words to put in other people's mouths.


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        Originally posted by Smurfette_76 View Post
        On the flip side. Imagine walking into a party where you know no one and throwing all your business down on Front Street so to speak. What are people here going to think of you when your delivery method of the aforementioned life story was just there...BLAH...right at you feet...here I am. It's rather rude and abrupt...in real life and here.

        Now. You have several choices. Slide into the rhythm here and get to know the very wonderful, intelligent, thought-provoking men and women that post here or don't. I wouldn't imagine you'd want to stick around merely to throw barbs because that would be the height of juvenile behavior and the very anti thesis of what you claim to be, no? Your decision, but in the end this is a LE forum and your approach was a bit like p*ssing in the punch bowl. Code Seven, Brick, Curly, Outshined et al are valuable members of this form...you asked for opinions, but you don't get to dictate their response.

        If you choose to stick around, then good...get to know people. If not....best of luck.
        Fair enough, but do you really think the majority of questions/issues that are said anonymously in forums are things most people use as party discourse? Not a fair comparison. I can't imagine approaching the situation with anything other than the honesty I laid forth about my personal life. Would there really have been a better way to ask? Personally, I don't think there was anything rude about my original post. But that's just me. AND, if I read a post where someone was being open and honest and I found myself offended, my first reaction would not be to attack them. I'd simply ignore it.

        And I did ask for opinions, but not to be insulted. You won't see a single instance of me getting defensive over one person that had anything of merit to say about the QUESTION I asked, even if I didn't like the answer. I mean our exchange has been heated at times, and there wasn't an insult anywhere to be found. There's a huge difference, IMHO.

        I would hope you could tell at this point that I'm all about **** in the punch bowl, even some vinegar, but at the end of the day, when you have to sort through 10 people insulting you to find one person actually trying to respond to your question, well...no offense, but it's difficult to differentiate between the "very wonderful, intelligent, thought-provoking men and women that post here" and the bored, misogynist j/o who has nothing better to do with his time than to flame on a BBS. And while I really appreciate your neutrality (a most admirable trait in LE, IMHO), you were also the first to point out that people were senselessly attacking me.

        I did appreciate the interaction with the few of you who actually did choose to respond to me in a respectful manner, but this will be my last post. After all, I think after my 18 year marriage, and clear inability to have a long term relationship, I need to go find me some Dr. Phil.

        Thanks again.


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          I'm glad you found the Ask a Cop section useful.

          Disclaimer: The writer does not represent any organization, employer, entity or other individual. The first amendment protected views/commentary/opinions/satire expressed are those only of the writer. In the case of a sarcastic, facetious, nonsensical, stirring-the-pot, controversial or devil's advocate-type post, the views expressed may not even reflect those of the writer.


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            Jen, sorry to say but it sounds to me like you kind of are. In my opinion its the bars you hang out when you go to meet men that give you your problem. Bars may be good for finding a few dates, and depending on the bar you'll find plenty of cops / military / paramilitary disciplined individuals there. But I wouln't go there to meet a woman I want to take home to mama. I'd be more interested in a female that I see with her friends at a pro baseball game, walking or milling about near any beach but avoiding the large crowd, or in a setting that gives off an aura of stability. The gym could be okay, I guess, but there are many types of people there though, so you have to read them carefully. That does not mean stalk them for weeks on end... lol.. not that you would.

            But yes, you do kind of seem as if you congregate where sworn personnel would for some down time.


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              Originally posted by JenInNJ View Post
              ...I haven't posted on BBSes since I was a teenager. I thought maybe as an adult things would have changed. WRONG-O. Seriously, what do I have to gain from this juvenile discourse? Very few people are even motivated to do anything other than insult my character, misquote me and throw dime store psychology in my face.

              Present company (and a handful of others) excluded, of course.

              Want a generalization? Here ya go. I think one of the problems with people is they fail to take a step back and see the big picture. Why on earth would I spend 30 minutes constructing such a clearly well-thought out thread for ulterior motives beyond professional people's opinions on the ISSUE, not me? I didn't ask what was wrong with me? It's almost like people here would rather sit and judge me because they have nothing else to say.

              And amusingly, JUDGE ME FOR LIKING LEOs! LOL!

              Seriously, if I've made generalizations about LEOs (and there are generalizations abound on this forum), it's easy to say you personally don't fit into those generalizations. Like the generalizations other people have been making about people who hang out at bars, or women who like sex, or professors' vernacular. I haven't personally attacked anyone, just defended myself and I really shouldn't have to in a forum of adults, IMHO. It's starting to feel like a waste of my energy and I'm on my last 2 days of sabbatical

              Are ya fillin' me?

              Gotta have it. It's the same thing that kept me from being insulted by this post.

              Thick skin, woman. You've gotta have thick skin coming here. One of the first threads I started when I got here put a few creases in my whitey tighties. But I realized everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I had asked for it, so they gave it. I can think of at least one of the respondents that answered negatively in that thread that I actually respect and like on these forums. Although I rarely see him post things here. He has recently undergone a mustache removal surgery, if that gives anyone a hint.

              There are some LEO's that don't deal well with various scenarios. Some of those scenarios are the ability to deal with outsiders, women, or a combination of both. Then again, some of them gave their answer, and you didn't like it. Ya just gotta deal with it.


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