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Starting In two weeks!


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  • Starting In two weeks!

    Hello all, I finally was informed that I was accepted into the academy (St. Louis County if anyone is familiar) several weeks ago and it starts Oct. 12. I am doing my best to run and exercise 4-5 days a week (just got over a nasty sinus infection so I took a step backwards) but the nervous feeling is setting in. Not a bad nervous like I can't handle it but a nervous of not knowing what to expect first day or week. I know I made it this far, I just don't want to bomb it. Any good advice for the first week coming up? You guys are awesome here by the way, I truly think you helped me out a lot during the whole process!
    Thanks and take care out there.
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    If you want this job bad will be impossible to me.

    I had the same concerns...but when it came down to it, I put so much effort I passed the academy with a 97% and same with the POST.


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