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Is DUSM hiring anytime soon?


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  • Is DUSM hiring anytime soon?

    I know Marshals opened up the window for the Houston aread back in March but ive heard other things. Ive been told by a couple of guys on this forum that DUSM wont be hiring for quite some time again. One of them being "manstown" who is an actual Deputy Marshal and another who is on the process of joining. My DUSM contact here in Houston is supposely a high position guy here and his best friend is a recruiter. He told me that he is pretty much guarenteeing that there will be another window opening up before the year ends. A lot more people have been telling me there wont be another hiring windown, than I have people telling me there will. Just last week I was speaking to some police officers and one of them happen to tell me that he heard that there is another window opening up in a couple of months, before the year ends like my contact with DUSM told me. Does anyone know about this being true or have insight info on this???? Ive been trying to get into law enforcement for the longest, after failing to get into HPD, not liking the Sheriffs and failing to get into Border Patrol, im pretty much desprete and ready to give up. Im thinking about going to police academy with a college and joining a small police department. Any info guys????

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    Better luck in the job section.


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