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Question reguarding possible harassment


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  • Question reguarding possible harassment

    Ok, so I am a 18 YO male, using my dads account on here (RIP) (Officer that Passed due to medical issues).

    My apologies, anyway i just moved into a small unincorprated part of chicago that is served by county police and having trouble. I am NOT a typical gang member, im pretty stand up, 280lbs, 6ft2, fully cooperative, dress in a polo, buttonup, or somethin like that with khakis most of the time.

    I drive a 06 impala thats not fancy or anything, and to be brutally honest one of the few white people left in my neighborhood (No offense).

    I keep on getting harassed by a local officer.

    1st time i was going through the alley behind my house to check on my garage (was broken into and its habit to check on it before i leave home for me), and the officer is sitting in a parkinglot near the end, county sheriff, he pulls out after i turn to go around my block and i get blue lighted. I pulled right into my driveway, threw keys on the dash, kept hands on wheel, (this is daylight mind you), officer comes up and asks me what i was doing. I was honest with him, he asked for my information, unfortunately to make things worse i just got the car at the time and it was still registered to my 04 crown vic but i was having the plates transferred and had paperwork (totaled by a DUI driver). I gave him my info, he asks common questions, anything in the car i need to know about ect. I tell him truthful answers (NO). HE says ok, thanks.
    Pretty uneventful.

    Second time i was turning at a intersection near my home, same officer was behind me, I see a opening in traffic to turn left so i do so legally, he hits the bullhorn and gets someone to stop to go behind me. I didnt know what i did but i knew he was so close to me that if i even tapped the brakes my new car would have the front end of a crown vic in it with a go-rhino. I decide to turn off and turn the car off and get my stuff out before he comes to the window. He states that he pulled me over because i was driving agressively and because i was doing 32/30 (i looked down and saw i was doing 29, but i agreed that it was possible i was doing that). He started to look around the car throughly, i offered to pop the trunk open for him and kept still ect trying to make his life easier (if my dad was alive and i didnt he would kill me when i got home if he found out).

    Third time i was alone, it was late out (11:30)... and a different officer pulled me over in a unmarked. I was pulled over and did the common procedure (keys on dash, all lights inside car on, no sudden movements, hands on wheel). Goes ahead, looks around the car, looks inside, nails his flashlight in my eyes, i am still stayin calm. He goes ahead and asks me to step out of the car, frisks me down ect. Asks the common questions, and asked me why i had a wrench in the backseat, told him it fell outta my toolbox and didnt put it in yet. He asks for consent to search my car and i say sure. He puts me in the back of his squad, takes my keys, pops the trunk, starts looking inside. one other officer comes up and helps. I can sorta hear them outside, and i hear them after the fact say "Damned, we cant nail him on anything". The officer pulled my wallet outta my pocket along with my phone. I got asked why i had someone elses creditcard with me and i told him it was my moms and i used it for household expenses.

    At this point he asks me if i was drinking ECT, trying to fakely reassure me its ok if i was and he would let me go anyway or just drive me home, i said nope (i dont drink or do anything of that nature). I was than asked what a boy like me was doin in this neighborhood at this time of night (i told him i live down the block) and was told that i really shouldnt be here.

    He than tells the one officer that he can just write me up a buncha traffic tickets if he wants to.

    Anyway, i was let out of the back, told to get the **** home and stay there.

    After this i had a chicago proper cop pull me over, block me in, i did same as i normally do. He looked around the car, asked if i was legit, i went to go get my insurance stuff for him and he said dont bother. I was with a friend, he got yanked out and frisked (no biggie), and he said just wanted to make sure ya werent gangbangers, someone told us ya were. Sorry about that. Told him thanks, shook his hand, we were off. Most professional people ive ever dealt with. At least they were decent to me and not complete dickwads like county.

    I hope i didnt disrespect any of yall, but im just curious what to do. I dont want to go filing harassment reports and jumping the gun if there is another venue. This really has me worried and im not a guy whos into this. I work for a local small town as a IT administrators assistant and im not exactly rude or disrespectful. I just am wondering what needs to be done here so this can stop. The unincorprated area is around a square mile in size that chicago proper police is supposedly not allowed into, yet county patrols. I have nothing to hide at this point, exception for the fact that i am scared ****less because of illinois stupid graduated licensing system that will have me lose my DL if i get another ticket within the next 14 months thanks to a UP MI state trooper that pulled me for 60/55 and i couldnt go back up there to fight. The other reason is because i know for a fact that if i am arrested and charged for anything that my *** is MUD at work and probably as good as fired.

    Thanks guys, i hope you can give me some help and advice here.

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    using your dads account but this is the first post....K.


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      So, essentially, you're asking us to second guess the conduct of these Officers, and totally accept your version of the events. Not going to happen, at least not from my end. If you have a problem with an Officer's conduct, you contact his agency and make a citizen complaint.


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        Originally posted by bigr5026 View Post
        I am NOT a typical gang member
        So you're a gang member, just not a typical one?
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          You're being stopped because you're a gang memeber...regardless of whether your a typical one or not.


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            Originally posted by mikeymedic View Post
            using your dads account but this is the first post....K.
            Registered in November 2007, this is his first post, and is "not a TYPICAL gang member". This is why tactics do not get discussed here.
            Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

            I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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              I'm a little curious concerning the OP's statement: "I'm not a typical Gang Member". Does that imply that you're some type of Gang Member? If so, that could very well be why you're attracting so much police attention.


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                OK. You mention in your post that you've been stopped by the police at least 5 times. Probably doing something you shouldn't be, especially when it's multiple different agencies and officer's stopping you. AND you talk about getting arrested and losing your job. Why would one worry about this if there's nothing criminal afoot, savy? Gotta agree with the other responses here!


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                  Your garage is broken into but complain when the cops spot someone (happened to be you) checking over your garage? For a guy minding his own business, you sure get pulled over a lot.
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                    Geez...lamest Troll EVER!
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