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    Normal wash and dry, 3 days per uniform. If they payed for dry cleaining I would take them in, but the sheriff's uniforms get what the sheriff pays for. I do iron them before I wear them, but the patches are starting to peal off and I'm lossing buttons.
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      Dry clean 99% of the time. About once a year I will machine wash to get the dry cleaning solution washed out..then hung up to air dry.

      I usually get two days out of a set, and throw it on the ironing board the second day to knock the wrinkles out before roll call.
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        I wash mine after every single use. Maybe it's just me, but I get that mix of deodorant and armpit odor in the duty shirts no matter what. Even on days I don't sweat. I'm a bit of a hygiene freak so I always put on a clean uniform. Maybe in winter I'll go two days in a row

        Dry cleaning would be too expensive, and washing my uniform after every use shortens the lifespan... so I always wash on cold with very mild detergent. It does the trick!

        there are some people I work with who smell like they go a month without a shower or washing their uniform. I do not want to be "that" person(s).

        My vest however can go a week without smelling at all (odd?).


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          I see some replies that 2 uniforms last a week???? Thats nasty, unless you work in the college dormatory on desk duty, even then thats nasty. In South Florida we are sweating the minute we get out of the car. Remember also with H1N1 out there being around strangers that may be sick is a risk. Get a set of 5/5 shirts and pants. Dry cleaning is optional, I wash and dry mine and hot out of the dryer they are wrinkle free.


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