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  • When you're sick...

    Do you usually report in for work, or do you take a sick day?

    I'm wondering because I've got the flu right now and want to know what you guys do..

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    LOL Taylor, you been kissing girls again?

    Unless REALLY sick, I would go to work, didn't want to screw my shift and it took my mind off how bad I was feeling
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      I have amazing luck and tend to only get sick on regularly scheduled days off.

      I'll take a sick day.
      I miss you, Dave.


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        If you are sick with the flu, you stay home....that is a no brainer.....

        I had more than a few supervisors who would go off on you if you showed up with the flu.....something about infecting the rest of the shift or something like that.....
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          ^^^^ exactly.

          If ya come to work sick..you'll get everyone else sick. Stay home.

          I make it a point to wipe down everything in the car. Steering wheel, radio mic, door handle, computer..anything that is touched.. You would be surprised how much crud is on the equipment.
          This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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            If I have a cold or something minor, I go to work. Why not be paid to be miserable?

            If I'm really sick, i.e. fever, chills or anything like that, it's a sick day(s).
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              If I'm just not feeling well, I will probably go in. If I'm really sick, I'll stay at home for a few days. I'll also generally go to the doc to get a slip to put in my file to "prove" I was sick.


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                It depends. If I am miserable sick or sore throat (we need to be able to talk a lot on this job), I stay home. If it's just stuffy or a bit of a cold, I take daytime cold medicine with pseudoephedrine and go to work, but won't be doing more than just taking calls for service.
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                  As a resident post I work out of the house which makes it easy to keep working on admin duties when I'm not quite up to speed. I'm actually taking some real "sick time" off right now after having a tumor removed from my brain a couple weeks ago. Really -"Preparation" thread in the Health and Fitness forum.
                  I don't think I would ever suit up and go 10-8 if I didn't feel 100%.


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                    Depends. Sinus problems = go to work. Fever = stay at home. Stomach problems, although I haven't had any in nearly 20 years = stay at home. Flu = stay at home.

                    Now, when I was a teacher it was a totally different story considering I hated that job.


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                      Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
                      I had more than a few supervisors who would go off on you if you showed up with the flu.....something about infecting the rest of the shift or something like that.....
                      +1,000!!! Sick leave isn't there so you can cash it in or trade it for vacation time off, it's there so you can get well at home and keep from spreading your illness to others on the job. Showing up sick at work could also impact your safety and the safety of others by interfering with your ability to perform on the job.

                      Finally, if you fail to give yourself sufficient time to recover, there's an increased probability of contracting pneumonia (necessitating the use of additional sick leave for recovery). Once contracted, pneumonia can become recurrent. You don't want to go there!!!

                      As a supervisor, I was once forced to order an officer to go home (due to illness). He grudgingly went, but thanked me later. Although I did it for him (to some degree), I was even more concerned about trying to protect his co-workers.
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                        my dept treats us like crap for calling in sick. We are constantly forced to bring in doctors excuses for one day missed (which is not free even with insurance). When we call in we have to let the dispatcher know who then forwards it to a supervisor who then calls you back to supposedly get your address for his report (even though its already on file). In fact they're just calling you back to berate you for calling in and having a guy stay over to cover your absence because we are so shorthanded. Theres nothing else to ask since HIPAA laws forbid it unless I volunteer my information (this had been pushed to wayside for years before someone complained.)

                        I know when i'm really sick I'm basically worthless to everyone. I've come in really feeling like crap and was told to tough it out by the lieutenant. Luckily it was graveyard and I parked the whole night and just took a few calls. I've almost passed out while talking to a complainant because I was so dizzy, but have been told to stick it out to the end of the shift. then you call in the next day......see first paragraph.


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                          Take a Sick day, I have like 3-4 weeks of sick time as of right now, why not when i get under the weather.


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                            Originally posted by Taylor13 View Post
                            Do you usually report in for work, or do you take a sick day?

                            I'm wondering because I've got the flu right now and want to know what you guys do..
                            Dear God stay home!!!!!

                            DO NOT COME TO WORK AND GET YOUR CO-WORKERS SICK!!!

                            With this swine flu crap going around I would stay home. You have the option to stay home and get paid instead of suffering through a day of morons and idiots stay home and watch John Wayne movies.


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                              Flu or something else fairly contagious you should stay.

                              Coughing, headaches, hangovers go to work.


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