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Driving Simulator at the academy


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  • Driving Simulator at the academy

    Has anyone ever used a driving simulator at the academy? I'll be entering the academy in a week and one of the new tools they have acquired is the police driving simulator. This simulator will not take the place of the driving portion of the academy. In fact, it's an additional tool that will be used to simulate car chases and any other dangerous car scenario that an officer may face.
    I think it's a great tool to help a new recruit understand what happens during a car chase and how quickly it may turn deadly.
    Has anyone ever heard of or used this type of simulator? If so, how was it? Did you feel that you benefited from this training?

    Thanks in advance,
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    The San Bernardino Sheriff's Academy EVOC program use to have a driving simulator. When I worked there, we used it for problem students, ambulance drivers, fire department trainees. I am certain that it is still in place and has been upgraded since my involvement. It is a valuable and essential tool to create awareness and confidence.
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      I've used one. Found it pointless and boring. There's nothing (that doesn't cost billions of dollars) that can accurately simulate the experience of real pursuit driving, or the physics involved in real vehicle operation. I found the simulator far too "video game" like and found it to be a waste of time and money. Save the simulator time for the arcade, drive the real cars.
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        The only thing about the simulators I found helpful was the radio communication part.


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          We had a driving simulator, and the only thing it did to me was give me motion sickness.


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