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I have questions....been a long time since I have posted...


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  • I have questions....been a long time since I have posted...

    and yes, I am a Paralegal, but haven't worked criminal law in many years. (that is my disclaimer)

    I currently work for a great company owned by a major railroad, I have been there 11 years, first as Corporate Paralegal and the past 6 years in the inside sales/marketing department.

    I have a coworker that has been in my department these past 5 years in sales. I have always had this weird, gut feeling about him although I got along with him for professional purposes. He has always been lazy, sneaky and lies. There are 6 of us in the dept. and any problems/issues in our department, there has always been on common denominator...him. Now, just to be fair, he is clean cut, dresses decently and can be an okay guy when he's not being an ***....

    I was on vacation this past Tuesday, taking an extra day for a 4-day weekend. I go into work on Wednesday and Jason was not there. Scuttlebutt had it that two uniformed officers as well as a detective came to the front desk and took Jason away to the city Police HQ for questioning and, apparently his arrest. All day yesterday at work, all 250 employees were speculating what he could have been arrested for. Some thought dope, others thought Theft as he had bragged all over the company this summer that he and some buddies had gotten really drunk over the 4th of July weekend. They stole a 600 lb. statue of a COW from somebody's yard at a lake in LaGrange County and dumped it out on an island at the lake....

    At any rate, he comes in this morning to work. Sits 4 feet away from me and has for the past 5 years. We can see each other everyday, all day and I don't like the guy...never have....(back to the gut feeling or instinct).

    The Ft. Wayne newpaper comes out this morning and it is beyond imaginable what this guy was arrested for! Exposing himself....but so you can read the actual article that came out, here is the link and yes, I know, the media goes crazy with stories:


    At any rate, he was fired today at 1500, after he worked the entire day. I feel weird right now, I feel sick. Not that I like the guy at all, but it was my gut instinct that I will never doubt.

    In Indiana, I believe he is charged with a Class C felony? Would that be correct with his charges? And what an idiot to have a bag of pot in his pocket, which he obviously had in his pocket at work, to ditch it behind the furnace at the PD?????

    Can anybody tell me what he is looking at? Another report says that he has done this twice in the past with these two little girls. This would be his third time doing it, but the first time he got caught. Do you think this is something he has done before this/these incidences with these same girls?

    I feel nauseous.....

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    IF he is convicted for this, does he have to register as a sex offender? Is his life now pretty much screwed up. I know he has been arrested in the past while at our company, one for Disturbing the Peace at Mardi Gra in NO, it must have been pretty bad because he was thrown in jail, and another time within the past 5 years for DWI. He's been with the company for 7 years.


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      I work in Cali and don't know the laws there, but always listen to your gut feeling. It's usually right. At least you're rid of the dirtbag.

      I didn't read the article you posted, but if it's something with little girls, then it's off to prison and being a sex registrant.
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        Thanks for responding. In a nutshell, he was arrested and currently charged with sexual gratification, sexual misconduct with a minor (11 and 15 y/o girls) and public indecency, as well as possession for the pot that he threw behind a furnace at the PD, what an idiot. I have done some research on the current Indiana law and to me, it looks like a Class C felony, the laws have changed since I worked criminal law. I am not so sure though.

        Yes, honestly, I am glad to be rid of the dirtbag.

        Just feel really weird about this tonight.

        (Ironically, I left private practice in criminal law due to the attorney I worked for got a child molester off scott free. The guy even sat in our law office and admitted he molested a 3 year old. My son and daughter were very young at that time and I decided that defense was not for me...after 10 years at that time).



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          You worked in criminal law, just the wrong side at the time.

          I don't blame you for not being able to live with the fact that crooks were going free and you had a stake in it although very small.

          I wouldn't worry or give your ex co-worker a second thought. He is out of your life and the girls too for good.
          An eagle does not capture flys.


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            Let me tell you why this has hit me so hard...

            When my son and daughter were young (5 years and 6 months), I had the best babysitter. I was working full time at the law office in defense. My son was allegedly molested by this 24 year old "thing" at the babysitters, a friend of the family. He was called in for questioning and his lie detector test came back 'inconclusive". it was pure hell for me. I was going through a divorce, two young babies that I would give my life for, working full time 8-5 and going to law school 4 nights a week for 5 hours per night for 2 years. Pure hell.

            The prosecuting attorney at that time was a dear friend. He told me that this "Craig" was a liar with what went on at the sitter. He said if I ever ran into him in a dark alley to kill him and then call him (the PA). Yep, that is what he said.

            In my law firm, about the same time, we defended an SOB who sat in our office and admitted to molesting a 3 year old and 5 year old. The attorney I worked for, got him off...SCOTT FREE....with my help on the filings with the Court. I QUIT. I never looked back. I cannot work defense in law, ever again. I would rather give up my law degree than ever go through that again.

            My issue now, hits too close to home.

            I feel like I could puke.


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