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Is there a difference between revenge and punishment

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  • Is there a difference between revenge and punishment

    Today in my college law class everyone was talking about capital punishment. And you know all that j***. I need someone to point me in the write direction with something that I struggle with.One of my classmates said revenge is "weakness of the soul" for example like someone doing something wrong to you and you do it back. This would be considered stooping to their level right? Well isnt punishment kind of like revenge? Im so lost? Someone please help me out. I have been going crazy all day trying to understand all this...

    Let me just make up an example of a scenario that could happen in public and comment about what one could do about it...

    You and your girlfriend or wife are out at a public place. Say someone you knew from highschool walks up behind your girl and says some very mean nasty things. Then grabs her booty lol. What would you do in that situation? I mean my first feeling would be to hit him with a nice hook. (just being honest) But thats most likely not the right thing to do? Would that stooping to their level? That situation is completly fictional

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    Looking for Guidance feel free to assist me in my search............

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    Punishment is justice w/mercy Mercy being defined as fitting the crime.

    If one kills in self defense and one kills for hate, the punishment should not be the same. Justice and mercy should dictate. Punishment should be for the good of the community, individuals involved and the suspect.

    Revenge is self serving. It is only justice in the eyes of the one dealing out the punishment. It is not tempered with mercy.
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      Revenge is to gratify the one doling it out.

      Punishment is to motivate one to a different behaviour.

      In the view of the one subject to them, the line between the two is very fuzzy, they can overlap.
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        Revenge is generally doing a wrong against somebody you think wronged you. It is getting back and is for personal gratification. Punishment is used to correct behavior and to let the person know that they are engaged in illegal activity and that participating in such activity has consequences. Reasonable punishment is legal. Revenge is not.


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