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  • Transfer Question

    Hi all, as some of you know and have very kindly responded, my husband is a Staff Sergeant in the USMC who is looking to get out in June/July '11 and is exploring his options hoping that the Police Force may be one of them... We would like to end up in Boston, however all the research we've both done on BPD suggests that they are not only not hiring but laying off Officers and that applying there probably won't do us any good. That said, the LAPD has shown a bit of an interest in getting my husband on board but have yet to answer questions about transferring at a later date.

    If you know anything about how long you have to spend where you're hired before transferring out we'd love to hear it.


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    I don't know how California is, but usually it is department regulated. For instance here, you can laterally transfer to an agency usually with at least 2 years of experience. Without the experience, you would have to go through another academy. This is of course for large Metro departments. Look at LAPD's website for some more insight. Good luck to you and your husband. Thank you both for your service.


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      My department is two years, but Im all the way over here in Maryland. If you leave before the two years is up then you have to pay back a percentage of what they think the academy costs. It all depends on how long you stay. Like if you stay 3 months you will pay more than if you stay 18 months.


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        Forgive me if you already know this...

        Just making sure that you understand that, for the most part, there is little lateral movement between law enforcement agencies. In most situations, especially in large agencies that are unionized, you start at the bottom again if you transfer to a new agency- not just in salary and seniority, but in retirement systems too.

        IMO- the best way to build a law enforcement career is to find a good agency and stick with it. Build his seniority, salary and rank and then retire at a decent age with a nice pension.

        With your husband's military service credit he should really explore the options at the federal level (US Marshalls, Border Patrol, ATFE, ICE etc)- his service will give him a real leg up on other candidates and usually bumps the starting GS level up.

        I am nearly 100% sure that if he started at LAPD and then later decided to leave for Boston, none of his seniority or retirement would transfer from California to Massachusetts.
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          There is no such thing as transfering to another agency. When your husband transfers to another unit, he is transfering within the corps,ergo, he never left the corps. When you leave one agency and go to another, he must resign and then try to get hired again by another agency.

          It's like the private industry. You can't "transfer" from Pepsi to Coke, because they are two completely seperate companies.
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            Boston laying off officers is actually good news (at least for you.) They're doing it because their tax revenues have shrunk, and their tax revenues have shrunk because the economy is in the toilet.

            Most experts predict the economy will recover in 2010, which will make 2011 a magical year for people who want employment with the Boston PD.

            I'd have your husband save up as much leave as he can so he can get some decent terminal leave once he gets out. If the experts are right and the economy un-tanks in a year or so, Boston will slurp him right up as soon as he hits his ETS.


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              +1 on the Fed suggestion. There is 'transfer' type mobility within the federal system as well.


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