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    I am 18 and currently finishing up my senior year in high school, my future goal is to become a police officer. I am planning on going to a four year college and getting a major in psycology. I have also recieved my eagle scout award last year. But i have made the wrong choice of drinking underage one time about a year ago and have one speeding ticket. I do not drink anymore and i am into keeping my record clean. I am wondering how much this will impact my future in wanting to be in law enforcement. Thank you

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    Did you get in trouble when you drank? The speeding ticket isn't going to be a big deal. Stay clean and out of trouble and you should be fine.


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      Absolutely not at all. Keep your nose clean and you'll be great. Meanwhile, keep achieving at whatever you're doing. If you are working part time while in school/college, try to stay with the same employer. It is so much easier to list one employer for 3 years than 6 employers, and it looks better too.

      Watch the tickets - one is fine but try not to get more. If you want to go straight to LE after college, you'll be 22, and you don't want 4 or 5 tickets between now and then.
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        if it was when you were 17, you should be fine... most places want to see 4 or 5 years of being law abiding. You'll be 22 or so when applying so you should be fine. Don't fck up in college though, it's real easy to screw up your career, or at least make it a lot harder to find work.....I came right out of college and had to cut a bunch of friends out of my circle when I realized what I wanted to do.


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          Meh, Presidents have admitted to smoking (not necessarily inhaling) weed. I think you'll be OK.
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