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  • Off duty gun

    What does your department allow for off duty weapon?
    On duty weapon?
    State you serve?
    Department you work for?
    I am just curious what departments allow for officer to carry.
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    We can use anything we want off duty as long as we qualify from it.
    We're all issued H&K USP 40s
    Rather not say

    I personally carry a snubnose 38 off duty.


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      Federal law says we can carry off duty, all state law should as well, it's the department policy that changes everywhere. We can use pretty much anything "dept. approved" which falls under a list of guns I don't wanna take the time to type out. I carry a Glock 23 off duty and work in MO.


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        G22 on duty, issued.

        G27 bug and off duty.

        Georgia Sheriff's Office.


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          Our department allows us to carry any model Glock.

          Issue is a Glock model 21 (full frame .45).

          My BU/OD is a Glock model 30 (subcompact .45) - nice feature is that the 21 clips will also work in the 30.

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            In the Department I work for we can carry
            On Duty
            Glock 19
            Sig Sauer P226
            Smith & Wesson (western) 5946

            Off Duty
            S&W 3953 TSW
            S&W 3914DAO
            Glock 26
            Sig Sauer P239

            I carry
            Sig Sauer P226 on duty
            Glock 26 off duty/BUG
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              Anything larger than a .25 that we qualify with and the chief approves.
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                At the agency I work for, we are only allowed to carry glocks on and off duty.
                On Duty: Glock 22 (40 S&W)
                Off Duty: Glock 27 or 23
                State: KY (Large Metro Department)


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                  What does your department allow for off duty weapon? Any Automatic or revolver
                  On duty weapon? S&W Model 10 .38spcl
                  State you serve? NY
                  Department you work for? Corrections
                  I am just curious what departments allow for officer to carry?: In NY all police and Corrections and most Peace Officer agencies
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                    On duty is a department issued Beretta 96FS .40S&W (we are switching to the Glock 22 next year)

                    Off-Duty, pretty much anything is allowed if it is of quality manufacture and at least .380ACP or .38 Special. We have a list of approved chamberings and minimum bullet weights, but the list pretty much covers the gamete. My off-duty weapons are a H&K P7 9mm, a Glock 36 .45ACP, and a S&W J-frame Airweight .38 Special.

                    I work for a municipal PD in North Carolina.

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                      I carry:

                      On duty a 1911, Back up and off duty is a Smith 442. I can carry pretty much anything I want.


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                        Southwest Ohio. 38,40,45,380, 9 mil. The gun has to pass inspection so your not carrying a $50 raven or some cheap miami throwdown. The ammo has to be department issue though so that is your only limitation, as long as they have the ammo you need.


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