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  • Just thinking

    I was thinking today how does the academy work do i get hired with a pd before i go? Or do i pay my own way? Then try to get hired how does it work? Thanks in advance stay safe.

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    Most agencies will send you through after hire. However, some people pay their own way first to make themselves more hireable.


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      Very state and region specific. Although we have agencies that put people through, they are not always the ones you would want to work for and does not strangely enough equal a job at said agency once graduated. The main agency that does put people through does not hire with out prior police experience or a 4 year honorable discharge, even if they sponsor someone. So you may want to post in your state area to get a more case specific answer.


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        Every state is different but being hired without an academy cert is common. Some states (like SD) will only allow certification of an individual who is sponsored by an agency. In SD the state government pays for all basic police training (lots of rural departments wouldn't exist if this wasn't done) so you have to be hired here first before you can be certified.

        Other states (like the people's republic of MN) expect you to get yourself certified on your own dime.

        But if you have the $$$ and the time to put yourself through an academy for the state you want to serve in, do it. Its just one more check in the box for you to be hired over the other guy that doesn't have the basic training. Plus you have do it anyway and you might as well get it out of the way. This also allows you to be hired in other states with minimal basic training.


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