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  • Bordem

    Does anyone find themselves ever REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bored while they are on patrol? (If so, what do you do when you are bored?) Does the the job get old after so many years? What keeps you in the L.E. career and not in another one?

    Just a few questions that I was wondering about after watching a few episodes of COPS.

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    If I don't have any radio calls to handle I get really excited and go try and get some good obs work in.
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      One of the things I like about my city is that its part historic and part public housing. On midnights, if I find things getting slow, I can go make plenty of work for myself. I can go into public housing and just walk around. Dealers and addicts walk the streets day and night so myself and a few officers will get together and go lock a few people up.

      Or, I just get out and walk around in public housing...this causes most people who shouldn't be out to disappear. If I dont feel like public housing, there are plenty of historic places for me to go explore. I'm a local history buff so checking these places out can be fun.
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        Get out and go for a walk. Amazing what you find.

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          Keep your head on a swivel. Watch the cars, watch the people..start looking under rocks, drive into the "known" neighborhoods, stop the bikes without headlights (usually cranksters creeping)....come on be creative...or rather proactive.

          Bored???? Not yet and it's been 26 years. They actually pay me to have fun! This is the best job on earth!
          This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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            Working in a large metro city really does not allow for boredom. Our patrol guys may actually look forward to a lull in the action, so they can take a **** or get something to eat.

            As for the job getting old, generally the larger the department, there may be more options to work different assignment or details. I have yet to be bored in my 19 years OTJ.
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              I work for a small department where I am the only officer on besides the county guys. I think that I have ADD so I really need to be busy and we hardly ever get calls later on in the evening so you just make yourself busy by doing traffic or other things.


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                I liked to get out of the car on foot in the business district. If the businesses were open, I would stick my head in each one as time permitted, say hi and ask how everything was going. It made the business people feel tremendously safe, it developed great PR for the department and as I made friends, the people working there told me about all the crime going on in the neighborhood that I couldn't see when I was driving by in the car.

                If it was after hours, I would get out and rattle the doors to the businesses. Every so often I would catch the burglar, but even if I just found the place accidentally unlocked and got the shop owner out of bet at 2 AM to check and secure it, they were always grateful that someone was looking out for them. Doing this also gave me an intimate knowledge of the layout, shortcuts and obscure doors and windows of the various stores. This came in handy if I ever got an alarm call, a crime in progress call, had to chase someone on foot, search the area, or set up a perimeter.
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                  Plenty of work where I live if your not getting calls. Our burglars in my city are absolutely relentless, if there are no calls, thats one gig that will definately be in action somewhere, you just have to play cat and mouse. Dope in my city runs 24hrs a day, so your only as bored as you let yourself get. Every city is different, but I reckon if you are in a department that has atleast 50+ officers theres enough for you to not get bored.
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