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Fighting and Courts what legal???


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  • Fighting and Courts what legal???

    I worked with this guy a long time ago about 13 years ago that said he fought with the heels of his open palms in a boxing style method. Delivering strikes to the jaw and sides of the head. He told this to me after a co-worker hurt his hand in a fight and said that why he used the heels of his palms. How would the courts view that method and other martial arts for an unavoidable fight, if you did call the police first and you didn’t start it?

    I found this on a blog site if you copy and paste whole thing of the following and google it you’ll find a site that talks about the open hand stikes if you still have question about that...

    ‘Giant Killer’ Keith Hackney (180 cm, 91 kg) knocks down Emanuel Yarbrough (203 cm, 272 kg) with Open Hand strikes at the no-holds bared competition UFC 3 (Ultimate Fighting Championship).
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    If you want to stay out of trouble, don't fight. Fights between civilians are rarely "unavoidable"


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      Originally posted by swdep View Post
      If you want to stay out of trouble, don't fight. Fights between civilians are rarely "unavoidable"
      Mostly accurate. Civilians faced with aggression are legally obligated to take whatever alternative action (as opposed to 'fighting') is available. Yes; that means run away if you're able to. Kinda hard to understand but the way it is. It's really the major difference between a civilian and sworn officer. The officer is obligated to take action; the civilian is not.

      Then again, if suddenly attacked or pushed into a corner where you can't get away or avoid serious injury (and you better be able to articulate this), use only that minimum force is necessary to protect yourself and stop the attack. Anything more than that and you'll be looked at to have been seeking retribution. In this respect not much difference between sworn/civilian obligations.

      Look at what happened to the off duty Chicago officer in Iowa recently. Some DH shoved him at least three times, the officer punched him out and guess what? The officer is in an Iowa jail because the court believed he had the obligation, as a civilian, to take an alternate route. the [local] police, or flee.
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        Pure semantics. Force is force is force.

        We don't have sissy, turn tail and run laws in Florida.

        Here, if someone wants to fight you, you have no obligation to run. As long as you don't start it, you can finish it!
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