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Gps or Memory?


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  • Gps or Memory?

    How do cops remember where all these streets are? Especially in a big town? Do you use GPS? Is it transmitted to your labtop and you follow?

    How does it work?

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    I never allowed my trainees to have a personal GPS in the car.....and most of our in car MDTs dont have them......
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      The town I work in is small. I know most of the names of the homeowners or residents (sometimes both) that live in town. I use GoogleMaps when I have to go out an back a county unit though. Our addresses are different that the 911 addressing the county uses so I don't know it as well.

      I have many friends in the Phoenix Metro area. Phoenix guys use memory for the most part (at least my buddies do). Scottsdale PD has mapping with their dispatch system. I know Phoenix Fire has mapping with their MDT's too.

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        Our new CAD system will have a map feature on it for areas I don't know, but mostly be memory.
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          It's all in this big thing I call a head. GPS and maps are used in a pinch, but for the most part I rely on getting to know the community by driving around.
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            When you drive around constantly day in and day out it doesn't take long for you to know just about everything.

            I only use GPS now when I'm out of the area otherwise I know where I'm going.

            BTW, this includes as others have stated, getting to know pretty much everybody as well.



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              In my day all we had were Thomas Guide maps, I worked a station that had a huge county area surrounded by 7 different cities. It took me about 3 years to learn all the streets. Learning the block numbers from major streets was vital. When I left patrol I could find any location from memory. I think the only time I used a map was if the location was in a new housing tract..
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                  I use memory most of the time. I have been around here forever and have worked every district we have over the years. If I'm in an area I haven't work in a few years or a new construction area I use the MDC or paper map.
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                    Originally posted by mruiz46 View Post
                    How do cops remember where all these streets are? Especially in a big town? Do you use GPS? Is it transmitted to your labtop and you follow?

                    How does it work?
                    Believe it or not but GPS has not been available to the public all that long. Cops need to know their town, beat, county, state, etc. You can carry a map of the local area - Thomas Brothers map a plethera of them - but you still have to know where you are going.
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                      Memory lucky for me I work a small town about 150 roads so it didn't take to long.


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                        i work in a 1600+ square mile county. there are a few that use the gps but most use the grid system, memory, and occasionally break out the map book


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                          GPS when patrolling an unfamiliar area, memory for those areas I'm familiar with. We are the largest parish (similar to county) in the state and we have 4 districts. I never work District 4. When I respond to a call there, it's GPS all the way. I usually work District 2 - Seldom do I use GPS. When I'm on the water during the day, dead reckoning, but at night GPS 100% of the time.


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                            I have my own TomTom in the cruiser, and I only put it in there for out-of-town trainings. I use memory all the time, however, if I REALLY have a brainfart or memory lapse, lol, I will just type it into the TomTom.
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                              Memory. None of our cars have GPS, and don't really need it.
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