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Question about using #77 - line to report aggressive driving


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  • Question about using #77 - line to report aggressive driving

    I was just curious as to what happens if I were to report someone. An incident occurred on Sunday afternoon and I wanted to just let the occurrence go, but I can't stop thinking about other people this jerk is doing this to. Copied and pasted below is my account that I posted on a car forum i frequent when I got home. Should I report him to the NJ Troopers? Is there extensive paperwork to be done because quite frankly, I work too much and don't have much time to myself to goto a Trooper station nearby to fill out a statement.

    I've tried searching similar road rage issues, but nothing to mirrow what happened to me. If something is wrong with my post, please excuse me as this is my initial post. Thanks for the replies and all the educational (and fun) things I've read throughout this forum.


    'idiot in a mazda cx-7' rant


    Sept 17. 5:02pm Rt 46, coming out of the Grand Ave exit towards the Route 80 interchange.
    Tan with ugly black rims lic plate#: VVX-70K

    I was following behind the cx7 on the onramp onto route 46. we were traveling at about 25mph even after merging onto the right most lane on route 46 westbound, so I proceed to pass on the left lane. While I was passing the cx7, he basically swerved into the lane and didn't stop, so I had to swerve away and I honked my horn. After this initial close call HE gave ME the finger cursing me off, all the while with his aged mother in the passenger seat. I thought nothing of it because road rage is not something I do anymore, just not worth it. I make the pass in front of him and get some distance between us. He's behind me high beaming me and showing that he's mad. I then take the ramp to get onto the 2 lane stretch of Route 80 West and cruise at 60mph. The cx7 guy comes up quick on my lefthand side and then abruptly swerves into me, at least halfway in, making me swerve into the rumble strips. I almost wiped out and barely hit a lexus while trying to regain control of the car. the cx7 guy then has the nerve to wave a wallet at me for some reason, I really think he was pretending it was a badge, but it was one of those cheap 3 part wallets haha. Then I went my own way because damn, it aint worth my gas or energy to retaliate.

    This definitely was a moment of my driving career I won't forget, and I'm just curious if I should take action or leave it be. I could leave it be and won't affect me at all. Reporting him would just make more paperwork and time expenditure later on.

    so to the guy with the tan Mazda CX7 and the ugly black rims driving your mom on the passenger side on a Sunday and a failed attempt at impersonating a cop with a cheap wallet. good job buddy



    - I was driving and a guy in a cx7 almost rammed me on my side
    - got a picture of his car and his plates
    - Thinking about reporting the incident, is it worth my time?

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    I can't speak for NJ, so take this with a grain of salt... I don't want to burst your bubble but we wouldn't even take a report, regardless of when you called it in. If you called the incident in at the time the road rage was occurring then a PCO would put a lookout for the vehicle and if an officer observed the vehicle they may take enforcement action.

    If the police had to take reports on road rage incidents they wouldn't get any other work done, at least around here.


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