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Recycled Police Equipment Law Question?


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  • Recycled Police Equipment Law Question?

    There is a website called onestopcopshop based in the UK.

    They specialise in selling recycled police equipment for security use. An example is an ex-police leather duty belt and an ex-police recycled police jacket which is basically got the blue checker banding across only. No Police markings at all 100%

    IS IT ILLEGAL to purhcase and use these items. I have two question if i may.

    1) I am a founding memeber of a paranormal group based in Birmingham UK. I am private security for our club in some of the less inviting paranormal areas of birmingham due to the risk of drug addicts, muggers etc.

    I know i can't do alot law wise and i don't intend to at all. I just want to get a jacket and stich security badges on so people know im security and deter the opputunist away. Is possesion legal??? I don't want greif from the police for wearing and ex-police jacket legaly bought It does NOT IN ANYWAY contain any police markings or text to that effect apart from the blue checker banding. Which has no police text on it just the blue and silver checker boarder.

    It will have Security badges on the front and back as replacement badges again sold on that website with eppoleautes that only say security on them. Any think to stop me going ahead with buying and using outdoors???

    2) I have seen an ex - leather police duty belt for sale again no police markings just sold as recycled for security use. I intend to use it with the jacket and make full use of the maglite torch holder and the doument holders etc. It comes with the handcuff and spray holster as standard of which I WILL REMOVE. Is it legal to posses this belt with out the handcuff holder and gas holder. Theres no need for the gas or handcuff holders. As i am not inforcing the law at all.

    Also what do i do about those two removed holders??? Disposale of these etc.???

    Im proper paranoid on purchasing. Especially using and walking to and from paranormal locations due to the risk of being possibly arested etc!!!!

    It's a legitamate online shop properly run. Can i please have an honest awnser and opinion with regards to the risk and law but as simply fraised as possible.

    Thank you ever so much to whoever responds.

    Onestopcopshop can be found here:


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    I don't know how many UK LEO's are here but most of us US LEO's would have no clue of the laws in your country. I'd find the number to the local precinct and ask them.

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      What exactly is a paranormal group and what exactly does a paranormal group do? Is it an established/recognized organization, or is it an informal group of people who get together because of a shared interest, like a knitting group or a poker league?

      How are you employed? Are you employed as a security officer? If so, who employs you as a security officer? Do you hold a license or certification in security or a related field?

      Short answer...unless you are employed by an organization/business that has big enough pockets to cover you in a incident and you have some sort of recognized training in a security related field, I'd go nowhere near this.


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        Your probably right. Leave well alone.

        I help to run a team of 3 lads including myself and we go out and investigate ghosts/spirits.

        We are hoppng to get new members and although i have done a few months as a security roll during a job as a nightporter for a hotel i don't have any formal qualifications.


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          It's very possible any reply ,as in guess, I could offer,wouldn't apply in the UK. Check with your local law enforcement agency. They should be able to provide the information you need.


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