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  • What's your salary?

    As an off-shoot of the "why do people say cops are poor" thread, what's your salary? If you don't mind, could you post your state, years in LE, rank, and salary? I think it would be a great asset to those who are considering a career in LE and allow for comparison between other LEO's. Thanks!

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    First class patrolman in my department makes $42,500. That's a 3rd year officer. It's excellent pay for the size of city we work in as well.
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      I'm at $39,xxx/yr (base). ~1yr experience in NH.
      summer - winter - work


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        I'm at 8K a month....top step Bonus-1 (aka Senior Deputy) with Advanced; Intermediate; Basic POST certificates......

        ooopss....forgot to add: this also includes my 20 year 3% retention bonus.....
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          Monterey Park PD
          POLICE OFFICER RECRUIT (Pre-Service)
          SALARY: $45,144 annually (salary $46,164 effective 1/09), plus excellent benefits including $50/mo bilingual pay for a qualified second language. Upon successful completion of a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certified Police Academy, the incumbent will be appointed as a sworn Police Officer with a salary range of $62,004-$75,372 (Salary $62,628- $76,128 effective 1/09) annually, plus excellent benefits including $150/mo bilingual pay for a qualified second language and up to $325/mo educational incentive pay.


          Base Salary
          The starting base salary for high school graduates is $56,522. If you have at least 60 college units, with an overall GPA of 2.0 or better, you will start at $58,798. If you have a BA or BS (four year) degree you will start at $61,095.

          You begin earning your full salary on your first day of Academy training.

          Upon completion of 6 months of your probationary period you will get an automatic salary step increase. After 12 more months you will receive another raise. You will then be eligible for additional raises, advancement and promotions.

          Bilingual Premiums
          Based on the need of the LAPD, a 2.75%-5.5% additional premium is available to eligible Officers with the ability to speak and/or write in selected languages other than English.

          Uniform Allowance
          An allowance of $975 is paid annually to Police Officers who have completed probation.
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            I have 1 year on. My department starts at $42,000. I can't complain.


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              Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
              I'm at 8K a month....top step Bonus-1 (aka Senior Deputy) with Advanced; Intermediate; Basic POST certificates......
              About the same minus the Bonus-1.....$7K a month ,top step, Advance POST with 15 months and a wake up to go!! Overtime is there for those who want it.
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                My full time job pays 43k with a take home car,cell phone and 32 paid holidays ect. per year.

                My part time pays 9k with a take home car,fuel card,cell phone with a 13 hour work week.

                And then if you figure in all the security gigs, project hours ect. and a twenty year retirement it is not a bad deal.
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                  Without OT....but base, 1st year = $43K with the county.

                  But we also don't have to pay for equipment and have reimbursement/allowances.
                  Laptop, Cellphone, fuel reimbursement for mileage on all personal vehicles, sign-ups for county vehicles = not bad at all.
                  Plus we get to flex our hours.


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                    Limited information from me...

                    I'll be at 11 years in a just a few days. No stripes or special assignment, and minimal OT. I expect to gross 100k, maybe a tad more, for 2008...for the first time.
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                      about 2 years on, I should get around 95k-100k this year.


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                        i'm going to take a wild guess and say NY,NJ, or MA?
                        His Bio says that he a Trooper. If he was an eleven year Trooper in NJ, he'd have seen 100k already.


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                          St. Louis County municipality north county region, 4.5 years at about $48,000 with out ot.


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                            Five year guys with us makes $75,000 give or take with no OT.


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                              Less than 1 year on.


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