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  • need some help please

    hi folks, i want to ask. when i was in high school, i was arrest to for a crime i didnt even do. i was leaving school and the officer that somebody ID me as 1 of the guy that tried to rob him. hey the joke, i was wearing a red shirt and a santa hat. this was around Christmas time and all most everybody was wearing that. It was 8years ago. i think i was charge with attempted robbery. anyway, that still hurt me till this day. Well the judge told, my lawyer if i plead guilty, it will just be a violation and i won't have the put it on a job app. my question is i took the nypd exam and pass. i always wanted to become a police officer. can any tell me if i will be rejected because of this. thank you for any help. sorry for the long mess.

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    I dont know of any dept in the midwest that would hire you, esp. if you plead guilty. But like jb5722 said I cant tell you what NY would do.
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